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NARC - Unban Request - TheUneasyAlly

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    Idk like 3 weeks ago dont @ me on that tho. It was right after (the same day as) The Ranchtanic Event
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    I was temp banned for tnt spam and in my mind I semi agreed with it. I placed 7 tnt because in my knowledge it takes 4-6 to blow a wooden bridge, and 7-8 to blow a stone one, so I placed 7. I was then told by the trial admin on at the time to "do not detonate it" I agreed and never detonated it the entire time (despite the enemy charging my position that the tnt was going to cut off their quickest attack position). I am then killed by the enemy soldiers as predicted and the tnt remains undetonated. The trial admin then says "you know I can temp you for that", I say something along the lines of "seems a little unfair, I didn't detonate it, but do what you have to do, temp me daddy". Then I am comically banned, and in my mind sure seems a little harsh for agreeing not to detonate but sure I guess if the trial has to do what they have to do sure, I go to sleep that day fine with the events. BUT then I wake up the next morning and try to go on the server and I am told that I am still banned, which means only one thing I have been log banned and permed. So yeah that's the story, unban me and I'll never touch tnt again I guess.

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