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king scrump

NARC - Admin Application - king scrump

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  • Name
    14thT_Col_king_scrump or The_Scrumper_Fister or Rollo Af Sea
  • Steam
    king scrump it has water and land in the pic
  • Server
  • GUID
  • Previous Experience
    I do some admining on IRP and the owner of 14thT
  • Vouches
    AAAAA.14thT tiny, duck, Fred
  • Reason(s)
    I would like to join to team because there are not a lot of admins and people just waiting for a admin to come and i would make fishing rp and other rps better and to make all of the rp player to have there best experience playing NARC to make sure ever one follows the rp rules and i have a lot of free time so they don't have to wait. I had a lot of fun on NARC and a lot of people agree with me. but there are just the same rp over again so would help make new rps so people would not get board of the same rp and make there experience better and but a simile on there faces. adminship is not just to admin its to get to know people and the roleplay

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