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Medal Application - Chinese_Propaganda

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    Clutch, Map Maker, Inventor and long service 
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    After a battle, I had been given the clutch medal on the discord however not the forums.
    (see proof)

    My map (Custom Map 5) has become a staple of low pop pre-campaign building making it a map bordering on the levels of river crossing (day) and other greats


         I have personally created the Item ID list, which greatly improved the efficiency of RPs and was the original creator and main contributor to the current map list


I have been an admin since 28/01/2018 (over 2 years consecutively), thats pretty damn long..



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All 4 applications are valid and you have provided proof. Your meritorious and long-standing time on this server will have you rewarded with 4 brand new shiny medals.

This application is ACCEPTED

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