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Discord Emote Discussion

Poll for our Discord Emotes  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you prefer we use our 50 emoticon slots for?

    • Keep the Pepes (19 of 50 emoticon slots)
    • Remove the Pepes (Instead use the 19 slots for up-to-date memes & NW-related memes)

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3 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

Pepe is a universal language while Rajoy is an esoteric meme that's only shared between Spanish kids and politics nerds

Pepes as emotes aren't any more universal than Rajoys. How many do in fact know the history of Pepe? I didn't choose Pepe because it was universal, but because the meme already existed with various facial expressions. You'd have to be autistic to know how to use Pepes, but not how to use Rajoys. Yet again, what NRP should do is not to promote already known memes, or irrelevant ones for that matter.

3 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

you get to mute/ban people in exchange for running the thing well

I get to ban people for making good emotes? In case you've missed the memo, the decision to never ban unless spam has existed since the start, since we'd promote growth and liberty. That doesn't make NRP into a democracy though. Anything and all I do and create doesn't naturally become a human right. See the earlier discussion about CC/custom commands on the Discord. If the intended use is disregarded and it instead is used for other things, I/the Management reserve the right to govern over our own services. That's stated in the ToS, etc. Same goes for emotes, they aren't a natural human right. It's a difference between autoblocking discord invites to other discord servers and allowing emotes. Now again, if I was to misuse any power and totally ignore the citizens I wouldn't have made a poll or discussion from the start and slowly reimplent commonly used Pepes while disregarding old ones only taking up slots. (Laugh/Cry will come back soon too [TM])


3 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

I'm not sure why anyone would need to prove themselves worthy of meme-making to you

If they want the permission, they should show they're better than me, or do you prefer if some random person would receive the perms? Like with any job application, show your experience or education so we see you are fit for it.

3 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

you should be the one justifying your admin privileges by making new mems and generally being competent

I said in the beginning of my last post that I try as best as I can, being self-taught in Photoshop and always considering various improvements. Most of the discord server is built upon my ideas tbh. Self-assigned roles, channel roles, most channels, etc. Easy to write down but takes a lot of work to implement. CS/Medals are not my ideas though. Personally though, do you think I am not justified? Standards vary of course, look at the JB discord and look at the NRP discord. But both should be right to be in their own unique way.


3 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

if you have a difficulty sourcing new memes, keep the old ones in place until the new ones are ready

That wouldn't put pressure on users to come up with alternatives though. Also, removing Pepes weren't my idea. I agreed with Diomedes, the HA, to remove Pepes as he argued it'd make users chat and expand their vocabulary instead of just reacting all the time. It was a nice experiment and it went like we expected. Thus Pepes are back until an alternative exist. Whether it be Scandypandy doing facial expressions, or Joeriig continuees to Photoshop NW faces. My goal is only having NW-related emotes, to represent and fit the Discord.

3 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

why on earth did you remove the pepz on this site 

On the forums? I saw that the amount of reputation everyone had was lower than they had a few months ago, and it might have been caused by the reaction likes, or something else. So we might revert to only like/not like, but as of now it seems to not happen again. The emotes themselves as being in posts and the chatbox were also removed because they were so large, and even if I resized them in photoshop they remained their large size. I won't bother until the forum software developers fixes that, or until someone posts a fix on their forums. CS can add forum emotes if they want to try or if there's support for them coming back anyway, but I had a lot of critic over their large size. In the end, there's no way to satisfy everyone. I guess the poll above shows just that. My solution is to do compromisses and be nonbias, to listen to both the management and the community, and sometimes no-one, eg, when it comes to the rule regarding no bans or kicks.

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