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Legacy Forum Rules and Conduct

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What is a Legacy Forum?

A legacy forum is used by the NWRP Administration to allow communities of discontinued or temporarily offline servers to continue to have a place to chat, discuss their memories/time on the server and generally not feel forgotten. Legacy Forums are bound by the NRP Forum Rules but also have a separate set of rules pertaining to only to each Legacy Forum.

Jailbreak Legacy Forum Rules

-The Jailbreak server is currently closed indefinitely due to several violations of Taleworlds policy. Any discussions regarding attempted evasion of this closure (including the re-launching of Jailbreak) may be deleted.

-Any links to "unofficial" sites, forums, discords or other community centres (aka, any not hosted via the NWRP Forums or the NWRP Discord) may be deleted.

-Threads relating to the closure of the Jailbreak server itself are not permitted, including speculative threads about how it could have been avoided.

-Discussions about NRP or other servers should be kept to their respective forums.

-As previously mentioned, the NRP Forum Rules still apply.

Jailbreak Legacy Forums FAQ

1. "Who are the Jailbreak Admins?"
As of now, there are no Jailbreak Admins. The server simply does not exist, and with it the admin team ceased to exist too. We may appoint some of the trustworthy admins to help moderate this board after ensuring that they can be trusted to do so. They will then become part of NRP's "Community Staff" assigned to this area.

2. "Will Jailbreak be back?"
Jailbreak is closed down indefinitely, with no current plans for a return. Jailbreak "might" return one day-quite some time from now-however if it ever did relaunch it would be strictly bound by rules designed to prevent it becoming what lead to its closure.

3. "Does Jailbreak still have a forum/discord?"
As of this thread being made, the only official Jailbreak Forums or Discord are included within the NRP Forums (these forums) and the NRP Discord. You can gain access to the Jailbreak section of the NRP Discord via the #information channel.

4. "Why did Jailbreak close?"
Jailbreak violated several Taleworlds policies on private servers, including (but not limited to) extremely poor and bigoted conduct of staff and violations of the monetisation policy. This-combined with several other transgressions and a report by a player on the server-lead to the closure of the server.

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