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ZoBiM - Unmute Request

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NRP Username: (The name you were using when banned): ZoBiM
GUID: (Numbers displayed in bottom right when joining a server, if unavailable say "Don't know): i totally have no idea how to check it, and since my request is about Discord i guess it's not nesecary
Time/Date of Ban: (Rough time, DD/MM/YY) 14/7/2018
Have you waited at least 1 hour since you were banned: even more
Reason for unban request: (Why you should be unbanned): I may be percieved as a drunken Pole that posts CP and edgy memes all day long but in reality i'm just a regular goy. I've recently been muted on Discord for sending a video including CP which i'm not much proud of to be honest. As a former member of the community i appeal for unmute. I'd sinned countless ammount of times however i think most community members kind of miss me and trust me it would be a pleasure to participate in Discussion again. I also want to apologize for bad behaviour of mine to both the members and the staff. I do realize what would've happened if you didin't delete my post in time yet again i would like to say sorry and apologize. Pele Bless you. 

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