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    NRP In-Game Username: [HA]King_Uneasy_of_Ally or TheUneasyAlly Discord Username: TheUneasyAlly#7901 Steam: (Link to your profile) https://steamcommunity.com/id/RedWolfProductions/ Preferred role: (Faction Leader/Second in Command/General/Officer): Faction Leader Preferred faction: (Felderburg/Poitres/Breytona) I don't really know what the difference is between the two, I would appreciate you messaging me about it so we can choose one, but off on name probably Breytona. Why you'd like to lead: (Multiple Reasons) - Ensuring fairness is very important to me because I used to be an admin for old servers on mount and blade (message me if you want to know) - I like to make everyone feel involved cause we all at the end of the day want to have fun from this event it isn't always about winning, although winning does feel fantastic. - I would want to coordinate the forces to make it an advanced an progressive war not just a bunch of individualized lines running around and not listening or helping each other, aka I want to make it look professional while still having fun - I would like to become better acquainted with the NRP community and of course win this campaign if I can. What makes you a good leader: (Multiple Reasons) - I have had a long standing history of leading groups in Mount and Blade and have a large amount of experience in these type of events such as with my group HA or House Ally who has done these type of events against other groups like the Empire for example. - House Ally is large enough to split itself into multiple lines so I have had experience in coordinating and leading attacks on a larger battlefield between lines which is something not many other commands have the chance to do because they only lead the one line, and that is something I would like to replicated with those lines under my command at the event. - I may not have the solution to every problem however, I think one of my abilities is to keep a level head and allow other people to make suggestions so that we can work together to find a common solution, however I always try to stress professionality and coordination, but of course that doesn't mean people cant suggest and I'll always listen and possibly incorporate it.
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