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  1. Victim Elderly_I_Do_Not_Revolt Server JB GUID 919296 Suspect [--------Vlad_Tepes--------] Date 12/06/2020 Text Evidence Shot me randomly then left, but rejoined a minute later. Said "guys i hate guards sorry i will kill prisoners now" Proceeded to kill all the prisoners, gave no reasons but most were not valid kills I don't think he knows the rules to the server since he was confused when we said he would get slaved. https://imgur.com/a/TkW6jE1 Screens are here Visual Evidence
  2. Name I_Do_Not_Revolt#0727 GUID 0 Date idk Server Discord Reason(s) Posted a horrifically anti-chinese meme, got given denied for my sinophobia, please let me post memes in this glorious Chinese loving discord again, 对不起 very sorry to the Chinese Administration, long live the Chinese Communist Party and good health to President Xi Jinping.
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