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  1. Name Dedieu GUID 1708640 Date in the night of the 23th of may 2020 Server NARC Reason(s) Hi, I was Banned from NARC more like 1 month ago, for threatening to leak another player adress, useless to remind that it was a mistake that i'm ashamed of, As i said in my 2 previous unban request, i regret doing this and i apologize toward the admin team for Breaking rules and offending them, my motivation are true, as well as my wish to join back the NARC Community, and have fun once again, I wish that, considering it was my first ban on this server, you could accept to give me another chance, as said the 2 admins who supported my request 1 month ago. I regret doing that mistake and i understand the conséquences of my acts, there is a time for punishment, and a time for redemption, i hope this time has finally come Best regards, Dedieu
  2. Name Dedieu GUID 1708640 Date in the night of the 23th of may 2020 Server NARC Reason(s) First, I was banned because i threatened to drop another NARC player (The_History_Buff) personal info (adress to be exact), i won't come back on the circumstances that led to this accident/mistake from me. Furthermore, I made the mistake of doing a ban appeal right after seeing that I get permanently banned, i reacted in the heat of the moment, without knowing everything from what happend, which resulted in a missunderstanding and forced Patol to put my name on the NARC blacklist, I then decided to take a break and think of what happend and figure out what mistake I did in my last ban appeal,I was upset toward the ban and the rest happend because of that. I break from the game for a few days and give myself some time to rest about all this. And conclude that i carried it too far for just a videogame, I made a foolish mistake. I come here to apologize, to say that i’m sorry of what happend and the trouble i may have caused to Buff, It was a deep mistake from me to keep pushing and stating that it was unfair, cause it was not, it was fully deserved. Now i must put forward the fact that it is my first Permanent ban on any of your servers, and I do believe that everybody should be given a second chance, indeed after repenting and understanding your mistake, i got 10 days to think about that and repent I wish for your understandings of the situation, and that I realy apologize Best regards, Dedieu
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