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  1. Name Formly Aleksandr_Vsevolod and now currently AleksVs Steam No Steam. Server NARC GUID 275004 Previous Experience None on M&B, I was however an admin on an ARMA III Altis Life server (it's a roleplaying gamemode on ARMA III in you incase you were unaware) once a long, long time ago. Vouches Zero. Reason(s) I like many of the administrators on the server and would like to help them out with all of the troublemakers, and the fact that I just like to keep things nice and orderly. I believe that I'm more than capable enough when it comes to hosting roleplay scenarios and properly enforcing the rules. I have more of a flexible schedule due to my line of work and hours so I may be able to fill in a little more when the other administrators are absent. Also I do not have any problems with the current management style of the server, it seems to be functional enough as it stands. And finally, when it comes to personal roleplaying experiences, I may take things too far (sometimes) but I always try to roleplay properly. I have been banned before but never permanently due to either misunderstandings (on my part, usually) and/or taking things too far.
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