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  1. Name TinyTim2914 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/TinyTim2914 Server EU NRP GUID 2112279 Previous Experience I have been an admin in many games. As stated before in my other applications. I.e AZW communities, I was a BBG admin and also a Minisiege admin at one point. Vouches I don't have any vouches. This is because I don't get a lot of admin jobs for this exact reason, as they need vouches and when I started out I never got told how good or bad I was as the group shut down in a few days. When I applied on the discord though I kept getting told I had no vouches which I don't. However, some of the NRP admins may vouch for me when I show my strengths as I am now Campaign Staff. Reason(s) I would like to join the team because being an admin is fun, when I have been an admin in groups it was always fun. it is also interesting knowing all the fun scenarios that could happen and also the RPs you could host which are always fun. I also play the game a lot and it is very fun.
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