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  1. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    joyful moment after the capture of the enemy strong point
  2. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3


  3. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    The 3rd Battle of Niederschlesien The 3rd Battle of Niederschlesien
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  5. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    This screen is from 2017 NWRP server, Merkel arty skills 2015-2017 > any other Artyman,Sneaky, Frenchman,etc
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  7. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    NRP Username: Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel Discord Alias: Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <33 Character Name: Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel Faction: Rossiyskiy Soyuz GUID: 1420512 What kind of character do you consider: I'm just a artillerist trying to proof himself as a skilled soldier and not rejectful to the promotion to a arty-general.
  8. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    - Non artillery classes can no longer unlimber artillery. i only know19th (Elis)for abusing dat but still, it was a useful bug (for tryhard regs) - You can no longer have infinite ammo with artillery. rip favourite bug, gave me 4 sec per reload less :(( - Swivel cannons should no longer fall into objects. used to use dis bug in order to glitch into props so I could hide from cav etc they removed most of the bugs I've been abusing - Canister rounds now fire more horizontally and less vertically. atleast this is useful
  9. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    useful sapper 4sure

  10. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

  11. Great_Leader_Angela_Merkel <3

    I'm Merkel, I'm in the NWRP crew and #1 of the leaderboard ( https://www.59th.eu/page/nrp_leaderboard ) and I made 4 maps for the server. I'm playing since 2015 an I was the most active player on NRP from about March 2016 until July 2017 with over 1800h playing during that time (only game I played, 20-35 hours per week). Especially in those last 5 month I was "in my element" with 100-200 kills per almost daily tryhard-session (2-5 hours). During that time I was actually pretty good at melee with some epic clutches but that all changed after July where I abruptly stopped playing all together for 2 month. That was caused by the very small playercount and the fact that the next schoolyear had begun and with it my Abitur (idk wut it would be in the US or UK but an Abitur(11-12 grade) is required for studying so its important). Since then I'm just playing during the weekend and the holidays and because of that and the break my skills descreased significent (especially in melee) but its still enough to hold my 3,5 K/D.
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