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    Okay , Thanks for the reasoning
  2. Rou22eau

    Mistake: My GUID is 2106501
  3. Name Rousseau GUID 0 Date 19-05-2020 Server NARC Reason(s) I dont know why I got a ban, an admin just adviced me to request an unban on the forums and a second after i see, "PipoTheBibo permbanned Rousseau." I truely dont know why. But if an admin were to tell me the reason I can assure you that I will see the reasoning behind my ban and change my point of behaviour. I play on the server (NARC) almost everyday so I wouldn´t like to not play on it and I also have friends playing on the server. Therefore I will change my behaveiour when I get a reasoning. P.S: Nothing personal against PipoTheBibo from my side!
  4. Name Rousseau Requested medal(s) The sapper badge Vouches I can´t remember any of the players or admins since i was mostly working on the fort. But i beleive "Jurek" was apart of the fort Reason(s) My reason is that i helped my team build a massive fort (evidence below) I have helped them get cover from a seige but some died (evindence below) We won the fight in my opinion because of the defences. We were attacked by cavalvry, and in the pictures you can see dead horses and horsemen. Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  5. Rou22eau

    Hello, Yes i just saw that I can join the server. I must have missed something. Sorry for the inconvenience
  6. Name Rou22eau GUID 0 Date 16 of April 2020 Service NARC server in napoleonic wars dlc multiplayer Reason(s) An admin said in wild west roleplay that the next kill was a ban and after somebody kicked me i kicked them and then i died. I said accident but after a few seconds i got banned. I really love the server and don´t want any permanent ban. I play on the server everyday and i like playing on it. I am truely sorry.
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