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  1. Gentleman

    How am I lying in my unban Appeal??? It is really annoying to get permed for something you haven't done. But ofc the Admin speaks always the truth and is unfailable
  2. Name Connor GUID 1875206 Date 16.04.2020 Service Server Reason(s) I got banned for lying at patol. The reason was that I wrote as reason for the kill: Attacking an officer. Patol missunderstood, he thought I lied to him because he was attacking Severus. But he shot at my horse. He was also attacking severus and that is why Patol missunderstood it. I didn't meant that he was attacking Severus. But it wasn't a lie because he shot my horse and I fall down. So it was attacking an officer. The reason was valid. I hope that Patol sees my point, I didn't lied I swear. the reason was meant about me, not attacking Severus, I mean't that he shot my horse, so an attack on an officer. Patol, please look at that, I really hope you understand that I didn't lied to you.
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