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  1. Patol

    "Join for fun and casual roleplay Saba's Roleplay". I won't keep discussing this with you since you are not behaving seriously at all
  2. Patol

    This application is unserious and the reason simply is not true: "Only regiments and communities formally requesting to be affiliated communities may advertise here" You were advertising in NARC Lobby and it was not the first time. You were even pinging admins for your spam. Denied
  3. Patol

  4. Patol

    I've remove your tag, but you made me give it back half a minute after. This application is accepted. Now make a new one
  5. Patol

    I have check it. It was one hour ban so you can rejoin server already
  6. Patol

    I removed "warned" tag from you. Be more reasonable next time
  7. Patol

    You were considered a troublemaking player who very often: RDMs and break other rules, spams and behaves toxic. PipoTheBibo had permission to ban you for any next slip over, then you told someone to press alt + f4 for respawn. You will be unbanned in this week since it's your first permament ban (previous appeal concerned temporary ban). If you will behave better you will stay in this community
  8. Patol

    I agree with Pipo. This is not warranted complaint and you are trying (vainly) to turn the tables.
  9. Patol

    You and rest of the players were not allowed to place any TNT. But you had spammed many TNT crates and because of you other players couldn't finish their road (and it was not part of RP). Wait for next server restart to be unbanned, next time there won't be mercy
  10. Patol

    1. Enter your GUID (in game ID) 2. Are you sure it's permament ban?
  11. Patol

    Your application was reviewed, but you will have to wait for decision so please be patient. And fill in proper GUID, it should be 6-7 digits long
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