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  1. Well there you have it! I still found it a bit unfortunate, but I only saw the actual slay, not what came before. I think this very much clears it up and we will wait and see what lexxe has recorded. I would say we just leave it at that for the moment. Sorry sneaky if I was quick to judge as I didn't see everything. Broke has a point about other admins using the admin panel though, but that's up to duke to enforce. Anyway, I hate seeing you guys argue - pls staph! Cheers! \o/
  2. Sneaky was behind the enemy lines. Broke was charging towards the enemies at the bridge but from sneaky's perspective he was running away. Sneaky might have misinterpreted the situation a bit here and was too quick to slay broke. After the slay Its a bit of an unlucky slay, nothing more though.
  3. joeriig

    Battle of Livington
  4. joeriig

    All of your suggestions are good polo! I would also like to see an "auto slay X tk's hits & X minute inactive players" functionality and a functionality that dm warns rambo's and slays them after X minute. A good functionality would also be to have beacons switch to sergeants after the captain has been killed. A somewhat harder and more controversial suggestion is to have auto set up RP's which can be run by the server itself; nothing beats a human touch but the reason the siege server's are so successful is that they dont require admins to work and can therefor be played on all the time.
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    @Noob Yes there will be 2 custom maps specially made for this event
  6. joeriig

    looking forward to it!
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