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  1. Isaac

    you know why u was muted. Follow the rules that are in the channel then maybe you would not be muted.
  2. legolas your unbanned from the discord.I unbanned you the day after you was banned. Come back to the discord. https://discord.gg/4EVjzr
  3. Isaac

    Second Development Blog #2 We have been working hard again behind the scenes for the next NRP campaign and it's coming along nicely. So we thought another blog was necessary. This blog is about the factions, Army / Navy system and some information about the map. It's a short blog this time. Faction Armies System So each faction will have 4 armies between them. Each army has 12AP, we thought this would be best because we didn't want the campaign to go on for to long but we didn't want it to end quickly either, 12AP being the ideal balance between them. This means that each faction has 48AP in total. Map Information Well i'm not going to give too much away about the map right now, that will be coming shortly in a later blog, however I shall give you some icons that we will be using. So these two icons are the battle icons. We thought we would bring these back, for a little more detail on the map and to make it clearer which army or navy are engaged in a battle. These icons represent the Armies. Each faction will have 4 of these and it will state below which army number they are and above will have the faction flag flying. We will also be using these for garrisons, but underneath the army number will be replaced by 'Garrison' The Naval system has been scrapped
  4. Isaac

    First Development Blog #1 So as we have been working hard on the next campaign I want to give you a little update on what we have been doing. This campaign we have thought long and hard on how to bring in new roleplays to the campaigns so that the players can enjoy the battles even more. We have also spoken about how they will work and how the admin team will manage them. Battle Roleplay Of course, this is the biggest role-play for the campaign and has been since NRP's initial campaign; this roleplay is simple to understand. Both sides spawn on opposite sides of a map from each other, they both have artillery and cavalry enabled and have to fight on the open grounds until one of the factions has been wiped out! The rules for the roleplay is very simple: No Ramboing Follow Officer / Cavalry follow the General at all times Trolling and team hitting is forbidden Surrender killing is either allowed or not - depends on the admin running the battle Siege / Town Roleplay This was brought in a little later in the last campaign and it works well, but this time we have discussed ways to maximize the enjoyment of players. This roleplay consists of one faction as defenders and the other as attackers. With the new campaign 5.0 in development we have had a conversation about making the attackers actually attack and the defenders defend which is what sieges should be. Due to this we have chosen to stick with it.. The Rules for this are pretty simple: No Ramboing Follow your Officer / Cavalry follow the General Defender's must defend until the 'All Charge' Attackers must attack Trolling / Teamhitting = slay This is still in development and could change at any moment. If it does change i shall update you all on it.
  5. Due to the overwhelming success of all 4 of NRP Campaigns so far, work on the five campaign has been underway for quite some time and will be bigger and better than the one before. The small campaign dev team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this next campaign and hopefully the best one yet. Due to duke not being apart of this campaign I myself had taken over and started with a small team if you are wanting to help with the campaign development then please do pm me on discord Isaac#9406 Keep in touch with this thread to see the upcoming campaign dev blogs.
  6. I'm going to add if you do anything that breaks the rule from this point on you will be perm banned again and force to wait out a long period of time. So take this into account that you was let of very softly.
  7. @thalkhe Hello so since you have evidence for the sapper medal i am going to be awarding you this medal. Congrats on that one! The Distinguished Service medal we can not award you yet because your not very active on the server, Your also very new to this forums and i'm not sure if your in the discord but your not very active in that either so i'm sorry to tell you but Distinguished Service Medal has been denied. When you become more active on either one of them and we get to know you a bit more than we can rethink about giving you this medal. This is the requirement for the Distinguished Service medal.
  8. Isaac

    Battle of Bay of Earlfoot

    Join us tonight for the event at 20:00 CET.
  9. Isaac

    OwO don't pick on my Hoops
  10. Isaac

    Oh no. Regiments what will we do with out you. It's such a boring little saying. Regs are shit and no one cares.
  11. Isaac

    100% vouch for noob.
  12. Isaac

    The court has not been summoned on this fine day and shall never be brought up within the Judges Words. I therefore demand that this Evidence is taken even further than the first courts. We then demand that this proof was brought forward to the Higher courts so that this fine gentleman shall be punished with treason to the lord Wilhelm .
  13. Isaac

    Good officer.
  14. I can accepted the Leadership medal with great power but the problem is the Battlefield Surveyor needs screenshots of you actual doing it but due to me being in your voice chat a couple of times I can actual accepted it. Next time please bring proof to your medal applications. Congrats on both the medals and they shall be added to the forums.
  15. Most loved and loyal Chinese asking for a Leadership medal, well good sir I shall hand u this as a gift for helping me coup DIO. Sure it failed but some day the people of Chinese will rise up again and take the throne for our own. Congrats you will be given this medal on the forums.
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