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  1. -legolas-

    Jb is dead , neon rp is old and teabags has become coffee everything is fucked
  2. -legolas-

    u think this is a joke u fucking idiot , i could give less shits who is what and what is who u mug , the point is NA spooks are giving me shit , more to the point theyre abusing , with proven images , skeepr WAS and admin when he commited these attrocitys also when the fuck did i say broke was a HA? 0/10 u shit admin , try again
  3. NRP Username: Tommy robinson , leader of EDL , Currently imprisoned in the Uk for actions he commited years ago. GUID: 948231 Are you reporting a player or an admin: admins Who are you reporting: (If multiple people, list their usernames or give a description of who was involved) man these na spooks keep abusing its bullshit if someone had of told me in 2015 Na fags were gonna end up running nrp due to lack of eu admins giving a fuck i would have laughed , then abused u out of it , now this is a reality they are constantly harrasing me , muting me and banned me from discord for no reason , this has been done to me in the past but never by NA spooks MAN like scandys turning in his grave at how nrp has turned , Its safe to say nrp EU is too far gone to be saved but dont let these NA spooks run the server for shit Date and time: No comment guarda Reason: Evidence: was hoping it wouldnt come to this as i would expect though who remain an nrp eu feen would trust me , but unfortuantly alot of u have become brainwashed by ur NA spook counterparts , as the evidence lies , the na admin team should take a paid leave , or extermination shall meet them
  4. -legolas-

    Won't revive nrp>Makes shit puzzle only like 3 fags have a high enough IQ to even comprehend
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