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    NRP In-Game Username: Jelly Discord Username: TheNewlyGuisettedCaptainGibbons Steam: (Link to your profile) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198852246020 Preferred role: (Faction Leader/Second in Command/General/Officer) Officer Preferred faction: (Felderburg/Poitres/Breytona) Breytona Why you'd like to lead: (Multiple Reasons) I like leading and i'm pretty good at it, i have over 1000 hours on mount and blade. I've been part of NRP since about 2012/2013, and was an admin at that time (Haven't been active in NRP at all since 2016). I'd like to lead because i think i can effect change on the battlefield for the benefit of the faction and help make decisions that will lead to a decisive victory. What makes you a good leader: (Multiple Reasons) I have lots of experience leading irl and in game, i'm a very able cavalryman and i'm able to execute orders swiftly and to the letter, i'm also able to improvise and try to make the best of a bad situation.
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