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  1. Wiggles

    It also depends on the player, if its two regulars in a nice little duel at the end of a round, everyone else watching apart from one person who tries to get a free kill then admins will more likely do something than say if all 5 people tried to attack the one player even if they were trying to duel someone.
  2. Wiggles

    Im sure they would still try and trick you to where they land in Italy and France though
  3. Wiggles

    But you would know to reinforce Italy, also having knowledge of any D-Day landings a year in advance as well as being able to 'predict' political events such as Roosevelt dying to inspire national unity. Also you might be less mad and not keep dismissing staff members or ordering whole armies to die where they stand. Also Chinese would probably not know to keep 200000+ troops try and hold an area rather than defend Berlin. I'm sure there is much more he could do.
  4. Wiggles

    I saw him hacking if thats what he means
  5. NRP Username: Wiggles Medal Requested: Clutch Vouches: Anyone on the scoreboard in the screenshots I guess Evidence - I know not all of these are clutches but if you look at the number of rounds, kills I have and kills my team has then its worth a shot at getting the medal
  6. Wiggles

    We had the piper for moral support
  7. Rushing the bridge on floodplains
  8. NRP Username: Wiggles Medal Requested: Orchestral Vouches: Lamb Evidence: Leading a line of musicians, several times, forming a small orchestra for the troops and playing for our fallen comrade ([1PWRR] Camjovetz, The Random Duck, [7thRoF]LCpl_Martin, Danhj)
  9. Wiggles

    Scandy may not be the best admin or player but he is helping hold it all together so its gotta go to him for keeping things going.
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