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    This is why we need communism
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    Personal insults don't belong on this thread. I only wanted to help people understand Duke's position hence why I deliberately kept myself from saying anything inflammatory or opinionated about you. Also Im talking as a mere player, not as a 65th. If you have any complaints about my actions on our discord feel free to add me on steam so I can explain, as it's completely irrelevant to this situation. You publicly supported and pushed for it, duke didn't proceed because he realized there are better options than that. For this instance a rule was put in place after the battle which stated that no co-operation between factions should happen. You -among others of course- then tried to penalize the GR for breaking a rule that didn't exist. Normally you would expect a CS to give a warning or message me about it, or communicate through the HoCS about the situation. You did none of those, enforcing a rule that didn't exist (as the message wasn't insulting-many people I asked agreed on that), without admitting you did it, and later denying responsibility for it. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Tu_quoque I am fully aware this is derailing the thread so I won't post anything other than clarifications for the above
  3. Dimitry

    Oh boy I don't like involving myself in this kind of threads but I think I can shed some light into some of duke's actions discussed here. Standard disclaimer: Not an admin, not a CS basically a pleb that has involved himself with NRP politics since JB was murdered, and for that I will only post about stuff I actually know about. I have no idea what happened the last weeks as I had distanced myself from the campaign, so I won't comment on that. I won't commenton Duke's feud with the other admins either because I wasn't involved with them. First of all on the topic of Pres's sacking as CS. Although not stated here, pres had abused his powers as CS numerous times something that I privately objected to Duke about. There were incidents where pres has deleted my posts, especially on #regimental_recruitment for reasons he refused to explain (or even admit happened. I had to ask Mini to look at the logs). The contents of that post were kinda inflammatory, something that I hadn't realized at the time, and which I fixed after some people politely asked me to edit. Still, pres's response was clearly breaking the rules and was issued a warning by Duke. After these, he repeatedly attempted to use the Botmin to post recruitment messages for his regiments. Now I don't mind people recruiting on lobby, although (I believe) it's against the rules. However the message included links, which was certainly prohibited. I and some other people had to go out of our way to convince Ewok to remove the messages after pres blatantly refused to. Now, I think that these offenses, minor as they be, among many others didnt warrant a punishment (hence why I never talked about them) but they certainly must have tipped off Duke about the reliability of Pres. Which is why I assume Duke panicked when pres assumed power within the discord without notifying anyone. [Unnecessary pics of the incidents] As a campaign dev I involved myself quite a bit with the mechanics of the campaign both before and after it's launch, so I can confidently say Pres is completely wrong on point 3. I will quote myself from the last thread I made I can go on and on with details and proof of these, but I will spare you the time unless you aren't convinced. Basically, pres has changed the rules of the campaign multiple times to influence its outcome; Deducting AP from the GR in the first round, vetoing already established rules (vetoing wasn't a thing-he simply forced it), or coercing duke into giving him random maps in the siege of the GR's capital, despite that being against the rules of siege maps provinces having only biased maps TL;DR Duke's actions can be at least understandable from the fact that pres has actively abused his powers before, with him not showing any remorse for them, which made him very likely to repeat them. I know that doesn't justify them, but it can give you a broader picture of the whole thing
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    Not really into metal but I can't escape these songs
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  7. The discord thing seems to be flung around as a way to reflect blame unto us for what happened. During the incident, as previously mentioned, I talked to 2 campaign admins one of which was on voice chat , as such I actually notified you about the incident earlier than I could have done by being in the NRP discord. Also even if we were on the NRP discord, communication with the admins was impossible as it's forbidden to change voice channels between factions. The ''we didnt know CF had any officers'' is understandable although I would have expected the admins to have a rough idea of who would play as officer, essential as that is for the battles and given that we released a list of officers half an hour before the battle started. So even if that wasn't an instance of abuse the responsibility still fell into the admins who later refused to fix the issue of the broken map and the officer mishap. Despite our complaints the CC still got away with a complete victory not by competence or fair play but by unbalanced maps and unfair admin decisions. As Polo mentioned later however although moving the officers to our own discord seems like a good idea (moving 5 people is easier than a whole reg) and despite only there being 2 active players at most, it was a bad idea on principal as we excluded unknowing all CF casual players something that I apologize for. I also want to make it clear that when Im referring to the admin team, I mean the active ones at the time aka scandy, mini, duke and panda not the entirety of the admin team. @Sneakypanda reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Im not protesting the fact that the map was chosen but that it continued to be used long after it was evident that it was as unbalanced as it possibly could be. Although duke was certainly was at fault, which he apologized for, the ultimate decision was taken by the other admins. Except when he made the suggestion to add a replenishment system citing that it was important to make changes as to keep the campaign balance while he at the same time rejected other proposals on the basis that we needed to keep the campaign simple. Thats the definition of a double standard I believe. On the aftermath of the first battle Duke decided to place a rule to forbid faction leaders helping other factions. He then used that rule to deduct 3 AP from the french army to punish them, something that Pres valiantly defended on no real logical basis. The decision was reversed after a lot of spam and arguing and replaced by a simple warning. A 19th member (I'd better not name people for no reason) suggested giving the CC a 3rd army in response to the ''teaming'' that was happening, above all the buffs and GR's punishment. Although this was exaggerated here, objectively, pres's actions have been enough for me to deduce he works 90% for himself or for the advancement of his regiment. I have evidence of pres abusing his power in the discord for this exact reason and pretty much everything advocated in the campaign dev channel had a positive effect on the CC. Again,you could claim that those were just a coincidence, but due to the sheer amount of improbability that has, I will just apply Occam's razor and say it's MUCH more likely that Pres was biased ,than that his suggestions impacted the campaign in such a positive way for the CC by luck. Im making this post not to make more drama but to clear out some things I think got misunderstood. Drama is as exhausting to me as to anyone else here and I wish to not provoke it when I can. Many of the above things were also discussed briefly on the NRP VC. I understand where Scandy's and many more people are coming from. I dont wish to argue about what happened here, just to share why I - and by extension most of the 65th officers- chose to abandon it so abruptly.
  8. First of all thanks to Duke, Joe and Chinese for letting us in the event in the first place. Although our experience with NRP had always been negative, the first rounds of the campaign were a blast to being a part of. However after the last incident we,the officers of the 65th that is, have decided that there is no reason to continue participating. This decision was taken because of 3 main factors which I will briefly go over Abuse and bias in the admin team I first addressed this in this thread. Although everything was explained about those questionable decisions, this doesnt apply to yesterday's events. For anyone not attending that day, what happened is basically that the CF got denied 2 officer slots at the start of the round for no reason. 2 admins, sneaky and Duke were contacted in the middle of a non live round however according to them they got vetoed by Scandy and Minisiege who chose to continue the round. Minisiege later stated that a CF officer told them we were ready. That was a lie. All officers at the time were present in the voice chat where a massive mic spam had commenced over the officer issue, as such all of them were aware of the situation. The only one not present, Doctor Noob also denied telling any admin. This ''mishap'' caused the CF to lose an entire round which the admins refused to correct or acknowledge. I would also like to point out that in the first battle El Presidente reset an entire round in the middle, in order to sort out CC officers. This action seems to only be forbidden to non CC players Let us also not forget the ridiculous maps which seemed to always give an advantage to the CC. The second to last one was absolutely horrible as it gave the CC a fortified hill position with a total of 5 cannons and 3 howitzers that overlooked the entire map while the CF only had one hill with one mortar that was bypassed by the enemy's arty height advantage and a town whose walls were transparent to cannonballs. These were issues that arent necessarily abuse but something I will address right below 2. The stance of the responsible admins All the issues that have been brought up could have been dealt with a simple reset, an invalidation of a round or a simple side swap. Every such initiative though was denied for no good reason by the acting admins who later reflected blame to Duke and even the regiment itself. Time after time, in both events ''mistakes'' were simply covered up or played down while their effects (again only in CC's favor) remained on the campaign map. 3.''Meta game'' abuse by the developers Although I was the only one involved with the dev process from my reg the effects on many decisions impacted the campaign as a whole. This is the only time in this thread I will name the 19th as a cause, as all of the people who tried to push an agenta were from that regiment (the opposite isnt true- many 19ths stayed out however). Presidente vetoed rules and suggestions that would have negative effects to his faction, 19th hordes appeared occasionally to rule out or support opinions by relentless spamming and insulting, and other 19th members attempted to give themselves buffs from the moment they lost the 1st battle (this included: A ban on faction co operation, the GR losing 3 AP for violating a rule which came into effect AFTER they had acted on it, a 3rd CC army spawning, faction leaders being banned and many more). I would like to once again give a thank you to people like Duke and Joe who put their heart into the campaign to make it as enjoyable as possible, and a small ''fuck off'' to people like presidente who put their personal gain above the enjoyment of others. Have a nice day/evening/night. Edit: was asked to include this as well
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    It's No Nut November, you heretic
  10. If you wanted to end the round quickly why didn't you call the all charge the moment a stalemate was certain? By 47:00 it was clear that neither of the sides were going to commit to an assault, and the round had being going for 13 minutes straight. What I question is not the fact that you called an all charge, it was that you for whatever reason chose to do it extremely late, so late in fact it forced us to sally out so the round would actually end because as I mentioned, event times. Unless there was a rule prohibiting you from calling it earlier I see no reason why 42:00 was chosen as the all charge other than purposefully delaying the round possibly in order for it to go in favor of the CC. (Btw let me make it clear that I dont blame our defeat in this incident. The wound was 30 vs 60 and we were in a bad position so it was unlikely we were going to oull anything off. Your command however which was criticized by a big part of the management team sealed the fate of the round in the most cheesy and unfun way possible).
  11. Although the reason for the reset was only made clear after writing the OP, I still insist that the all charge order was abuse. Let me elaborate The all charge is a very powerful order, as it changes the way the battle works at its last minutes. For example an arty team on the edge of the map has a very good chance of beating a small line, but not during all charge. This is why in reasonably competitive settings you can see people arguing about it all the time. In this case the CF was pinned inside a fort and was bombarded by arty with neither of the sides wanting to commit to a push. Normally, this would be resolved with an all charge, which would end the round quickly. What minisiege did in this case is prolong the round for no good reason (hence why I framed this as abuse and not as a mistake) giving the enemy arty 6 full minutes of uninterrupted barrage and therefore giving the CC every possible advantage. The reason we charged is that we thought it would be better to just end the round quickly rather than wait 6 minutes for the admins to finally decide "OK they are shelled enough I reckon you can actually play the game now"
  12. First of all I want to thank you all for setting up, and running this campaign, and especially for inviting our regiment in it. All of the lads who managed to attend are quite satisfied and eagerly await the next battle. However there were some... questionable decisions made by the admin team and given that all were in favor of the CC the consensus among both the players and many admins that I asked, is that these were blatant abuses of the admin given to CC players. Although I personally share that view, I wont be quick to point fingers. The incidents that Im referring to are 2: On the 2nd round of the 1st map, the CF arty managed to hit a lucky shot and kill 3-4 19th players. El Presidente immediately reset the map providing no reason and refusing to answer the chat spam asking him about it. On the 2nd round of the 2nd map, Minisiege said he would call an all charge at 42... while the round being forced in a stalemate by 48. All of the people I asked including high level campaign management who probably, and understandably wont want to see their names in this post, agreed this was abuse for the reason that it forced the CF to sally out ending the round. Normally, as seen by previous rounds, all charge is given at about 48-46 to end the stalemate, in this case however it was used as to keep the CC arty shooting. Others speculate that it was to force the 65th off the battle by delaying the end of the round while it was made known we would have to leave after 21:00. Let me clarify that this is not a report, but rather a complaint. I would suggest placing certain rules such as a fixed all charge time, or an obligatory reason for every reset as for no one to be able to question the admin's commands. Again, thanks to the admin team for otherwise keeping the running of a 200 pop server smooth and entertaining.
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    I will shoot the discord up if you take my pepes away >(
  14. Today is the (second) national holiday in Greece, in which is celebrated the Greco Italian War of 1940. In October 28 the Metaxas regime rejected the Italian Ultimatum for what was basically annexation (hence the name of the holiday - "OXI", "NO" in Greek). The war started when Italian troops crossed the Albanian border and attacked the extremely weak Greek garrison. The only reason the line didn't collapse was a huge wave of volunteers from nearby villages rushing to help the soldiers. "The war was greeted with great enthusiasm by the Greek population, in Athens crowds filled the streets with patriotic fervour, as newspapers hurried to publish their newest editions to stir up the people further. Men in Greece rushed to volunteer for the war effort, cramming into the back of trams to get to the recruiting offices. Morale amongst the troops was as high as it could get with a universal feeling that Greece must fight, with few entertaining the idea of failure. This enthusiasm was not shared by some of the political leadership, there was a sense that Greece would lose the war but needed to fight nonetheless, Metaxas stated in a letter to Winston Churchill that "The war we confront today is thus solely a war of honour" and that "The outcome of the world war will not be decided in the Balkans." The Italian offensive was stopped within 2 weeks. After completing the mobilization the Greek army started a series of counter offensives succeeding in pushing the Italians far inside the Albanian border by January. The Spring Offensive launched by the Italian army was the last attempt at breaking the stalemate that had occurred since February, and was a decisive defeat for them. The German army annexed Yugoslavia and entered Bulgaria soon after. The Battle of Greece begun with Bulgarian-German troops hammering the Metaxas line - a line of heavy fortifications situated opposite of the Bulgarian border. It was at that point undermanned and underequiped as most supplies and manpower were sent to the Italian front. After 4 days of dealing enormous casualties to the German army it was bypassed by which point the Greek army capitulated to avoid further devastation. The Greek war effort would continue during the Battle of Crete where elements of Greek and Commonwealth forces tried to fend off a huge German paradrop mission - which ended with so heavy casualties for the Germans Hitler never commissioned another airborne Assault in the war and the Resistance, the 2nd biggest (and biggest by population) resistance movement in the whole of Europe. The remaining Greek army would play part in the war in Africa, the invasion of Sicily and the D-day landings.
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