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  1. Noob

    I liked 2.0 the most also. It was very toxic and all sides would have long arguments in the discord about how to balance the 3 factions at once.Less camping then in 3.0 also well in the battles in the campaign map there was alot of camping. Also I could Merc for other sides when my faction wasn't fighting.
  2. I used to play basketball at the highschool level but after play NRP I become too violent so they kicked me off the because I beat up another guy on the other team because he said CC was good.
  3. Noob

    I'm a Internet historian from the future here to look at all the old dead internet communites do any of you happen to be alive ?
  4. Noob

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/16WQRmESCtJPWb8DRKzwf71a10YjjZWucvlyb9yaBWms/edit?usp=sharing just a quick Idea I made for a RP that is fast paced and lots of combat. Also made for 10 to 20 players
  5. Noob

    NRP Username: Doctor_Noob Steam: Username gideon09876 http://steamcommunity.com/id/2LBI_no_life/ Preferred Faction: Austila's Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: 1 I had alot of fun leading rifles last campaign I would like to do it again even though it takes alot of time.  1 To much competition for Prussia rifles fuck that.
  6. Noob

    Well there be a custom map for it ???
  7. Noob

    NRP Noob Guid:1523415 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/2LBI_no_life/ Preferred Faction:The Confederacy of Liberated lands Preferred Role: General I would like to lead because I want to get back into NRP my only problem would be over the summer I will be working. Also the flag is badass
  8. We are weekend regiment with two Na events and one eu event We speak English Rules just don't play your bugle(in real life) when we are playing and and follow the severs rules Don't hotmic and we use discord that's it. oh and listen to officers We played Arty, Lights,Line and Cav depending on numbers not anyone that's famous maybe Noob or Acbot we have around 30 members avg attendance 6 to 10. Link to our discord https://discord.gg/AjW4hGu
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