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  1. TRADING THREAD This is thread for all your Trading Offers. You can post here TRADE OFFERS for JBR loot or HAGGLE. Do not post here anything else. You may also make threads on this board yourself if want to. Above rules still apply. Have fun with Capitalism.
  2. EmielRegis

    LOOTBOXES/How to Trade I gonna explain here what are JBR LOOTBOXES and how to use server chat commands to trade: 1. JBR LOOTBOXES - at all times there is a chance for LOOTBOX to spawn after kill. - its RARITY is determined randomly. For example RARE LOOTBOX will drop only RARE or higher LOOT, etc. - each loot can be USED (more about it later) to receive a reward. - each loot will give different reward, depending on type and rarity. Each reward is given for certain time period. This also scales with rarity. - there are SETS of loot that, if completed and used as whole, give much better rewards and for much longer than using single items. - rewards include things like weapons, clothes, hats, skins, visual effects (fire head etc.) and chat tags. - loot is saved on server. Nothing is lost upon leaving. CURRENT LOOT LIST IS HERE: SPOILER: Click to show 2. JBR Currency: YT On JBR we use YT (Yellow Things) as common currency. It is earned just by playing on server with active wardening Community Warden or Admin. It can be used to buy a LOOTBOXES (70 YT each). Type: /buy to get LOOTBOX for YT. It will spawn right in front of you. It can also used to trade items with other players. 3. CHAT COMMAND /CHECK /check [name or part of player name] will show on screen player loot inventory + owned money. To see own inventory just type it alone. Example: /check To see inventory of other player you need to type his name/part of it. Lets say we have a player named "ANGRY_FURRY_LOL". Example, all below will work: /check ANGRY_FURRY_LOL /check ANGRY /check FURRY /check FUR 4. CHAT COMMAND /USE /use [ID of loot] use one of owned loot. ID of loot can be seen after using "/check" command, like 1. 2. 3. etc. Multiple items IDs can be used at once, separated by space. Lets say we seen 1. ALTERRA DILDO (RARE) Example: /use 1 will use it. You can use up to 4 items at once. /use [ID of loot_1] [ID of loot_2 ] [ID of loot_3] [ID of loot_4 ] It follows same rules . Lets say that we seen in inventory 5. ALTERRA DILDO (RARE), 2.USED CONDOM (RARE), 8. CAN OF BEANS (RARE). Example of using all 3 at once: /use 5 2 8 This also allows us to use SETS of items. To get SET reward you must use ALL 4 SET parts at once. Let's say we posess in our inventory all arts of MUH DICK NIGHT OFF SET. 1. Cock and Ball Torture Equipment, 2. Rotten Fish, 3.Kebab, 4. Bowl of Meatballs. Example of using SET and getting SET reward: /use 1 2 3 4 5. CHAT COMMAND /TRADE /trade [name/part from name of player you want to trade with] [ID of your offered item/amount of YT offered] [ID of demanded item/amount of demanded YT] Trade loot items or YT with other player. YT amounts must be typed as YT50, YT100, etc... He must say /yes or /no. Player name follows same rule as described in "/CHECK" chat command. Example of trading our 3. ALTERRA DILDO for player "ANGRY_FURRY_LOL" 2.USED CONDOM : /trade FURRY 2 3 You may also demand YT for your item or offer YT for someone else item. This follows same rules like above, with exception of YT amount typed with "YT" characters preceding it. Example, to trade our 5. CAN OF BEANS for player "ANGRY_FURRY_LOL" 30 YT type: /trade FURRY 5 YT30 4. CHAT COMMAND /FUSE /fuse [ID of first item] [ID of second item] [ID of third item] [ID of fourth item] fuse 4 of owned loot with SAME rarity into new one with ONE TIER HIGHER rarity. ID of loot can be seen after using "/check" command, like 1. 2. 3. etc. for example to fuse your 4 owned items, first use /check to see their IDs. Lets say our item IDs are 4, 6, 11 and 15: /fuse 4 6 11 15 will fuse them into new one. EXAMPLE RESULT: 4 x COMMON = 1 x UNCOMMON Exceptions: - Fusing 4 x ULTRA RARE will result in 1x ULTRA RARE. Legendaries cannot be received from such fuse. - Fusing 4 x LEGENDARY will result in 1x LEGENDARY.
  3. Unban/Un-Enslave Application Template Applications that do not adhere to the exact layout provided below will be ignored and cancelled.

 1) Create a new thread in this subforum.

 2) Copy out the following template, with all the questions, into the new thread. Your Steam Username: Steam Profile URL: What was the in-game name under which you were banned/enslaved?: Were you banned or enslaved?: When were you banned/enslaved? (Please state the exact time, date and your timezone): Your User ID (use this image to help you find it: i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png ): Have you waited for at least two hours after being banned/enslaved from the server? (This is to ensure that it was not a temporary ban/enslave): Name of the Admin who banned/enslaved you: What happened before you got banned/enslaved from the server? Please explain in as much detail as possible: Why do you wish to be unbanned/un-enslaved?:
  4. Community Warden Template [Personal Information] *Your In-game name: *Your Steam Name: *Your Steam Profile URL: *Number of Hours on Warband: *Age: *How high is the level of your English? Do you speak any other languages fluently other than it? *Can you please tell us a few words about yourself? [Server-related information] *For how long have you been playing on the Jailbreak server?: *Is there anyone who can vouch for you? (REQUIRED, JAILBREAK ADMINS ONLY!): *Please list all of the guidelines and rules for Community Wardens in your own words: *Your User ID (use this image to help you find it - i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png):
  5. Community Warden Rank Description/RULES. (CW) CW rank is a way in which normal player can use Purple Admin Chat to perform role of Warden, in absence of admin. This allows them to efficiently warden without having admin responsibilities/rights. CW can warden (or not) when he feels like it. Community Wardens can receive custom skins and guard team priority! Read here: jbr.boards.net/thread/56/admin-wardening-activity-reward-system Rules for Community Wardens: using purple chat for anything else than wardening is considered an abuse. while using purple chat, CW must follow same rules as server admins. No racial slurs are allowed, as well as any other edgy stuff. Doing so will be considered an abuse. CW cannot use purple chat/warden when there is admin present on server. CW cannot interrupt other CW that is already wardening. Don't need two or more players spamming purple chat orders, resulting in numerous unnecessary deaths. CW should report players breaking rules when he is wardening, that would normally result in a ban if an admin was present. If you need to leave but there are still players on server, type "@server wardens " on our discord general channel and then type "X players need admin". Normal and "/poll" polls done by CW will always temporary(2 hours) enslave player if passed. CW can make a poll against player only if: player did Mass RDM(2 or more players killed in quick succession). player constantly commits RDMs, even after explaining to him rules of server. player spams chat (warn first). player visibly tries to delay game (not suicides even after warning from CW, hides, etc). Player trolls in a way that ruins game for everyone(warn first, CW should always consider if using this case may not be treated as abuse). Not following any of above rules will result in rank removal or, in extreme cases, BAN. CW Chat commands: Command /y [text]will make anything typed after it appear in purple chat just like an admins command would. For example, typing /y KOS all out will show to everyone "KOS all out" in purple chat. Command /poll [player name/player name part] will make a poll against player. This poll may be done unlimited times and overrides any other poll that may be active. If passed it will temporary enslave said player. Let's say we have mass RDM from player called ANGRY_HOMOFURRY. Typing /poll ANGRY_HOMOFURRYwill make a enslave poll against him. We are aware that some players names may be hard to type. That's why this command accepts also parts of names. Typing /poll ANGRY_or /poll HOMOFURRYor /poll FURRYwill make poll against this player as well. It won't work only if there is another player with exact same part of name.
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