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    As I noted in the complaint post, I will be providing my suggestions and opinions here on what can be done to prevent such events as what happened today and more from happening. Broke does have a point when he says that the server is on the way out. Any admin will tell you the truth and that is that pop is constantly declining, and less and less people are becoming and staying interested in a 10+ year old game. It's only natural for older games such as NW to lose their lustre and popularity, and for the community to dwindle. Personally, I think this unavoidable and anything done to prevent this inevitability is only a delay of what will surely come to pass. Either Bannerlord and its mods or another game will save NRP, NW will not. Broke does have a point concerning the admining of the campaigns; not to bash any of the selfless individuals who step up to run the event when they can, but having set admins who know what they will be doing when is best. I did not seem to see much pre-planning or prep this campaign, everything felt very much off the cuff. However I feel that the origin of this problem is in Isaac's desertion and the subsequent lack of campaign leadership. Don't get it twisted, Isaac seemed alright but I never fully trusted him. But I am willing to bet that if he had remained or if someone had at least come along to fill his shoes entirely then we would not have faced the problems I listed above. This puts across the total necessity for a head of campaign at all times to keep things organized and ensure that everything is thought out and decided ahead of time fairly. Skipping over the all charge issue (which if you're interested in I have already mentioned in the official complaint) Broke brings up another even better point which is: who is allowed to admin during the events. Again, don't get it twisted. I haven't worked much with Chinese or had the chance to get to know him too well but he seems to be a good fellow who means well and i like him (no homo bro xP). However, this does not mean that he may admin the events despite being a committed officer in one of the factions in the campaign. Given that my suggested solution in the above section was implemented then we might not have been faced with such a predicament but in the instance that it is not enacted here's what we should do: • Bar any admin who is attached to either faction in a significant way (such as an officer, high command, or well-known fighter for and advocate of) from running any campaign event. • Admins with no attachments to either side should be selected to run the events by the head admin or perhaps a committee of senior admins. • Make clear that no admin shall use their admin powers in the event other than discussion in the internal chat unless asked to do otherwise by the event admin. These should effectively ensure that no side gets any influence through the administrator system and ensures fair play. I can elaborate further on the reasoning for this whole section if requested but I feel like the reader gets the general idea. Overall, the NRP campaigns, if they continue in NW or move to another game need to change. Broke is right, clear-cut rules, guidelines and regulations are necessary to prevent these issues. Perhaps a campaign rule document discussing this can be published by the higher-echelon members of the staff. A campaign itinerary that outlines in which times certain things will occur (e.g. map moves, choosing of maps, camapgin meetings/discussions) is also likely needed. Putting things on a schedule or forcing people to abide by a rulebook may make things less fun, but it will likely lead to a lot less drama at the end of every campaign if implemented, and most certainly make everything run a hella lot more smoothly. Thanks for reading this non-troll response to a troll post xd I hope you all have a wonderful evening (according to EST atm) ~ The Guy
  2. The Guy

    Hello, actual CF Faction leader here. ^-^ Depsite the much better wording in the now up post in the general discussions, this is the official complaint so I will be be making my official adendum here. However I will be providing suggestions in the general post just for the sake of improvement (Apologies in advance for any formatting jank, I am performing this atm on my mobile xd). Now, first mentioned was the all charge incident in the third round of today's campaign battle. To put it politely it was... awkward at best and horrible at worst. At the time the round had carried on for a sufficiently long enough time and pretty much the entire GE and CF force was engaged in a big chase near the CF's right flank. This would have been an ideal time to call an all charge because of the time spent already and since both forces were already conveniently together in the same area. However, such was not the case. Broke actually requested tha,t TA NSL and myself an admin, call an all charge. I personally heavily pondered the idea but did not want to go ahead with it because I did not want to be removed from the team because of "bias" or overstepping my bounds of control, despite being told otherwise in the past. So I merely suggested the idea to the other admins in the internal chat where it was bantered about but dwnied by Chinese and I'm pretty sure Taters (don't quote me on Taters due to the lack of screenshots and my spotty memory of that :P). Meanwhile, the chase had ceased and the GE retreated back across the river in the centre of the map to a couple buildings near the bridge. This would have been an even more ideal time to call all charge due to the now even position that both sides had established. However this was not the case and so the CF took to the offensive to try and close the battle, as unfair as their situation was and failed. I would also like to note that anyone who claims that an all charge should not have been called due to the number imbalance of alive players should look to past events and even casual admining instances of all charge being called during uneven odds (sometimes even with the disadvantaged faction winning through sheer skill). It was after most of the CF forces were massacred in this offensive that the admins who (seemed to be) were running the event called the all charge and the CF lost. I would also like to note that it was said in the internal admin chat that "Not every round needs to end in an all charge." Something to which I would say is true, but the timing was impeccably ripe for the calling of one that round and the lack of it surely cost the CF a victorious round. This is why the CF feels so cheated. Next is the map chosen for the latter half of the battle... (oh boy :/) The CF had a problem with their artillery, namely that while I was trying to set it up during the reset, as per usual, I didn't beat the reset and the cannon dissapeared. Broke is complaining in his post about Merkel's lovely shot that killed 4-6 of our men while the problem was still being sorted and unbalanced the teams, after which nothing was done to rebalance them. This is something that I don't care for, it was fate and it couldn't be controlled. What bothered me was that instead of changing the map, the admins merely said "No arty for either team" and refused to change the map. After an assessment of the battlefield I found that artillery really was an excellent equalizer for the map and really controlled where the enemy could and could not go, but the lack of it also unbalanced the map. Without the artillery, nothing was stoping either side from simply rushing the centre of the map and holding there. While you may argue that the CF should have simply rushed the centre and not complained about the situation, think for a moment. Would the CF rather engage in a combat they think they will lose? Or would they rather fight their enemy on even footing with fair balance. I personally would opt for the latter, but the lack of artillery removed that as a viable option. So what ensued was probably one of the most boring NRP campaign battles I have ever attended about which I could really do nothing about, despite being the leader of an entire faction. This all because someone decided they were too lazy to change the map to something more balanced and fun even after fighting a full round. To conclude: I'm not asking any admins to step down, or for the GE to give us the rightul title of winner of the campaign (though that would be nice if they wanted to do that xd). I simply want the team to be able to reflect on these mistakes, recognise that they happened, and try to ensure they never happen again. Chinese was responsible for most of the actions and problems listed above but I have no quarrel with him, he's only human after all and no one can please everyone or be perfect. Like I said, I only want the truth to be considered and reflected upon. Thanks for your time and attention, I'll now be going to Broke's less meme-y post to provide some suggestions to fix the problem (might as well xd). Yours truly ~ The Guy
  3. NRP Username: The Guy Medal Requested: Arty Medal Vouches: Broke Evidence: I understand that I don't have the individual screenshots but if you check with my faction leader, Broke and the other CF bois in the vc they can vouch that I did indeed get those kills.
  4. The Guy

    Name(s): Carl Von Clausewitz (Or Carl Philipp Gottfried) Position/Job(s): Major-General What did they do: Wrote an excellent book on military theory that is still relevant to this day (On War, Vom Kriege) and helped fight off the French menace for European freedom and inspired the growth of German nationalism that would result in unification many years later. Why do you like them: I read his book and it resonated deeply with me and greatly affected my view of strategy, Prussia is also one of my most favourite countries historically and he was a great hero from there. What country are they from or what country did they serve: Kingdom of Prussia
  5. The Guy

    Forum feel empty, no people make post. No post, no people = die. Is forums die?
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    Is the forums die?
  7. The Guy

  8. Before I met video games I had a great career planned in the medicinal field. I would blitz through college, get my doctorate's as early as possible and eventually go on to founding my own business. Then I played video games: my career path has deviated greatly as my goal has now changed to become ruler of the globe and Reichsfuhrer of a Greater Deutsche Reich. There are 5 guns in my home, three of which are assault rifles and I have numerous grenades. This would have never happened had I played video games, so don't do drugs kids. (Note; I wrote this as soon as I woke up)
  9. Hello there, fellow Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans (NA folk)! The new HA of the NA server Broke, Vindication and I are organizing a campaign for this new server but we need help. We are horribly understaffed as far as the campaign is concerned and we desperately need people capable of doing anything related to this. Anyone from anywhere can apply, be you an admin or just a regular player as long as you have skills that can attribute to the benefit of the campaign and the server. I have been asked by Vindication to leave a link to the form here and there is also one posted on our discord at dsicord.me/nwrp. Cheers and goodluck to any and all applicants! - The Guy https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSKPbE48AYepQlrY8_f3n_-8lupxEpQXYB2BhjObzyDT_3dQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
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    :0 Politics
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    What do you mean, you're the only foreigner? *coughs in german*
  12. The Guy

    NRP Username: The Guy Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198248669648 Preferred Faction: Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia) Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: 1. My devotion to this faction is next to unparalleled by other members of NRP. My PFPs are Prussian-based, my banner in-game is the Prussian flag, and I even own a Prussian mug. (Message me for pictures) But I would do my job with devotion and passion, I commit very easily. 1. I served as KGL officer in the last campaign and have quite a bit of experience leading troops in-game, so I would have no problem leading men myself or filling in for missing officers when necessary. I also have a lot of experience in board games and turn-based strategy games such as TotalWar which both bear much semblance to the map mode of our own beloved campaign.
  13. The Guy

    Sounds neat. But would be hard to acheive, but doable...
  14. The Guy

    Very interesting idea. This RP could actually force people on the serve to maybe work with each other for a change rather than against each other. Balance and maps would of course still remain an issue but those can be worked around over time. I personally like the sound of this idea.
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