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  1. QeAntonio

    Forums is ded as game is ded, bannerlord come forum super ded
  2. QeAntonio

    NRP In-game username: QeAntonio Discord username: Antonio Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Marianismarianus/ Preferred role: Second in command Preferred faction: Confederacy of Liberated Chads Why you'd like to lead: When playing campaign 2.0 (as an arty officer) I was doing my best to crush CC in field. This time I want to do so as Second in command, via fighting on field, but most importantly as an tactican. What makes you a good leader: As a mastermind 200iq pro gamer and experienced chess player (really, I am not joking, 1v1 and you will see) I can support CF leader in making strategic decisions, and will make my best to do so.
  3. QeAntonio

    Maybe you just had server filters turned on, one of them is ''show only servers with players'' and as nrp is pretty dead (but staff have a good idea how to revive it) as it didn't showed up on server list.
  4. QeAntonio

  5. QeAntonio

    Chorąży popsuł czołg, best Polish band.
  6. QeAntonio

    @Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)If you want to join a regiment just pm anyone that have numbers in his nick (on nrp discord or here, you can even do it in game) there are so much regiments, international or national ones.
  7. Russian Revolution wasn't a peaceful demonstration, and when people fight it's usually called BATTLE. So if you wanted to play BATTLE you could vote on second option. Also while playing cav vs cav you also fight, and it's called BATTLE. I don't know why have you posted this ¿complaint? Maybe you didn't know what BATTLE means?
  8. QeAntonio

    My favorite are walnuts, eating 3kg of them every week, not lying. I think it is not healthy for my stomach, but I fucking love them. I don't know nuts I would dislike. But walnuts are my favorite ones and I eat too much of them, dunno how can you hate them Ewok.
  9. QeAntonio

    I like nuts. And I want to know if you like them too. Nuts are very healthy, helping your brain to work. While writing it I am eating Walnuts. If you do not like nuts or never tried them you should do now. If you can't eat nuts then, big F.
  10. QeAntonio

    Oh God, can i join you?
  11. QeAntonio

  12. QeAntonio

    If you remove Pepes i will remove you
  13. QeAntonio

    Hello I am emo Polish kid with Spanish name for some reason, born in 2017 joined nrp in 2018. My hobby is applying for everything I can, doing autistic roleplays and crashing the server with hundreds of tnt. I will be head admin of nrp in Mount & blade 3 when you all old mans die.
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