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  1. Generalissimus Kenway

    hello, am 48 year man from bulgaria. sorry for my bad england . i selled my wife for internet connection for play "mountain blade" and i want to become the admin on ''napoleons war roleplaying server'' . i play with 400 ping on british server and i have 2000 hoours in the game
  2. Generalissimus Kenway

    my name geoff
  3. Generalissimus Kenway

    We need more Spurdos
  4. Generalissimus Kenway

    UwU, this is such an honour... Finally... I am the first Platinum Medalist... :Spurdo_Smug:
  5. Generalissimus Kenway

    Bump: also, if y'all can give back my Cavalry Captain's Medal - for some reason it's gone, you can see that I have been awarded 15 awards but I only have 14 and also I have a picture proving I had it OwO Meow gave it to me; Oh and, why not throw in a Notorious Fighter medal - I know it's a Campaign one but frick it, surely throughout the years when I've been on NRP I've pulled some epic fighting feats during low-pop public play and I'm giving a screenshot of a 1v8 clutch as visual proof lol, whatever - the important thing is me and Chinese make history and become the first Platinum Medalists :SpurdoSmug: Edit: Fr*ck, that make only 19 medals; all right, throw in a Captain's Medal as well or something, surely I've rallied the plebian masses at least once... kek Edit #2: I now realise this app has devolved into cringe e-begging but it's too late now... Spurdo's will shall be done...
  6. Generalissimus Kenway

    @WaterPolo Good... Е, изглежда наи-накрая жалкия ви ''сървър'' изгуби своя монопол. Да, все още може да го докарате до 200 играча, но това ли е всичко? Аз лично се сещам за един сървър, който събира над 100 играча всеки ден Всички чакахме това. Всичките полкове, които вие отказахте да уважите, всичките свестни хора, които пропъдихте със вашите про-расистски и про-хомофобски правила. Всичките ви максими за ''свободната реч'' не ви помогат вече особено, а? Спомням си, че дори когато онези клоуни от 59-ти полк ръководеха нещата вичко беше в развалини и е приятно да се види че все още е така. Да знаете, че в момента ви се смеем. Всички ние. Смеем се на опитите ви да оправите провалената ви комуна. Смеем ви се като не успявате да привличате нови играчи, като не успявате да направите нищо полезно. Всички ние ви се смеем, знаейки че в бъдеще, когато вие и вашите усилия вече са отдавна забравени, ние все още ще бъдем тук, заедно с всички наши привърженици. С две думи, предупредихме ви. Колко безброй пъти ви предупредихме? Колко безброй пъти ви казахме, че един предубеден сервер, който отказва да уважава полковете (който, впрочем, са единствената причина Napoleonic Wars изобщо да има някакви играчи) никога не би могъл да оцелее? Какво си мислехте, че ще стане? Аз ви се смея в момента. Всички го правим. Радвайте се на последните си дни
  7. Name Kenway Requested medal(s) Long & Meritorious Admin Service Award; And if you're feeling generous - Honoured NRP Inventor and Mapmaker Vouches some admins and other ex-admins perhaBs? also myself and I Reason(s) Long & Meritorious Admin Service Award - I rejoined the Badmin Team in mid-August of 2018 ,if I am not mistaken, and was active for at least a full year, after which my activity took a nosedive into the void of non-existence Honoured NRP Inventor and Honoured NRP Mapmaker - both are a bit of a stretch but hey, I need to get to Platinum Medalist somehow... Spurdo wills it... Anyway, for Mapmaker - I edited a couple of existing maps for le Campaign (shoutout to Angela Merkel for one of those); I also made 2 original maps but one of them was a complete flop (the most infamous ''Project 6''...), while the other... ''Project 6A'' - a resounding success and quite possibly the greatest map to have ever been played on a Warband server... of course, that is only when it is used in conjunction with the greatest gamemode ever created - Naval CTF... commonly referred to as ''Kenway Naval RP'', the intricate theory behind which, alone, merits the ''Honoured NRP Inventor'' award... These are the facts... now I leave you to decide which of these medals I really deserve... Thank you for your time Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  8. Generalissimus Kenway

    and his last words were ''please don't do this''
  9. Generalissimus Kenway

    These days any activity on the NW server/discord is appreciated and so I am giving you this medal; I hope it makes you stay some more
  10. Generalissimus Kenway

    Accepted, even though you were CF trash in the Campaign ;)
  11. Generalissimus Kenway

    Look, gamers, we all make mistakes - one time I got tempbanned, due to a missclick Anyway, I don't think anyone here is deserving of a punishment, however it appears that both of you weren't exactly squeaky-clean in this incident; Here is my verdict after checking the logs myself: @Wilhelm_II - it would appear that you really were running away after the ''all charge'' had been called, so (even though Duke probably mishandled the situation) just suck it up and also try to be on best behaviour in general, especially since you want your Admin rank back @DukeOfWellington - And you should know that when dealing with rambos/delayers/players not charging you should always rely on warnings in Admin Chat the most - you seem to have skipped that part and immediately resorted to freezing Wilhelm (which, by itself, also isn't an ideal punishment - it is almost always better to use ''slay''). And that's that, fellers - so, everyobdy calm down and let go of each other's throats for a bit, at least ~benis
  12. Generalissimus Kenway

    didn't I accept this already, smh my head... anyway, ACCEPTED
  13. Generalissimus Kenway

    Accepted; Good job leading a faction in the Campaign!
  14. Generalissimus Kenway

    2.0, without a doubt; It was a brutal, all out war, both in-game and in the discord
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