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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Sgt_Spring in Do you want NRP to move to Bannerlord?   
    Fill out this poll
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Pacifist_Musician in Bug reporting   
    Hello, thanks for telling us! Please explain in a highly detailed message what is wrong with your donator scripts. Also have you tried to uninstall NW completely, including all mods, and then trying again?
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Pacifist_Musician in new forum post   
    hello, I am a new forum post
    please comment on me
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Pacifist_Musician in new forum post   
    thanks for visiting
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Jurek in Discord Emote Discussion   
    bring back PolosDog
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    WaterPolo reacted to Bullet Magnet in Campaign 6 Updates   
    Alright gamers, we have quite a special announcement to make:
    The campaign development team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to create what we hope will be the biggest event yet for the NRP server. We have one feature that we've already completed that we would like to show off, because it's something that we received a lot of feedback in the previous campaigns.
    All battles will take place on custom designed maps, so no more waiting for the admin to scroll through 5 or 10 random maps that are as hilly as the Himalayas; everything is going to be ready in advance. 
    If you are skilled in mapmaking, lore writing, admin-ing, or just making announcements, simply ping any member with the Campaign Staff tag (or me, @Bullet Magnet) and we'll get you in on the action!
    Keep in touch with this forum: more posts will be coming soon!
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Generalissimus Kenway in Meme Thread   
    I just learned how to send screenshots!
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Emil in Meme Thread   
    I just learned how to send screenshots!
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Jurek in Meme Thread   
    I just learned how to send screenshots!
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Grandmaster Wootz in si   
    thank you
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    WaterPolo reacted to EmielRegis in Meme Thread   
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Pacifist_Musician in NRP Campaign 5.0 Development Updates   
    Battle Phase Terminology
    Not Live      The game has not started yet, or has ended. 
    Live          The game has started and rounds lost/won will influence the campaign.
    All charge      All players must stop reloading and attack the enemies closest to their position.
    In an all charge the admins will remove all ammo leaving muskets with one single shot which may be fired during the all-charge.
    Battle Rules
    Officer Rules  
    Follow your Officer of the correct class. (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head)
    All Cav must follow General (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head)
    If your officer is killed, stay in a group until you find another Officer.
    All-charge Rules
    No Firing a cannon after all-charge is called
    No reloading during an all-charge
    No retreating during an all-charge
    Basic Server Rules
    Do not Rambo. (Not following an officer)
    No spamming in-chat
    No BP waste/sapper spam or waste of BP
    Public Play Rules
    Crouching is allowed
    Firing in charge is allowed.
    Officer Aiming allowed
    Note for Regs* You will not be exempt from the officer rules, if you want to fight together then you will need someone in the officer class to follow
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    WaterPolo reacted to Colonel Frost in NRP Campaign 5.0 Leadership Applications   
    NRP In-game username: KB_HC_BrigGen_Mosley
    Discord username: [2ndFG] Sir Mosley
    Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sir_Mosley/
    Preferred role: First in command, all those who go under me will be directly assigned by me
    Preferred faction: Grand Empire
    Why i would like to lead:
    Because I want to win and I've been asked by a few people to do it, I have also been recommended for the last campaign quite a lot in my last application, so i'm the best choice
    What makes me a good leader:
    I'm not a Communist and I have an organised High Command which can assist me in decision making, I also terrified the 19th with a line of 6 men and forced 10-20 men to run inside a house and fire out of line (breaking their own rules on their own server) and were complete bitches, it was such a regimental humiliation that five of their members asked If they could join.
  14. Sweat
    WaterPolo reacted to [19th] Kieran in NRP Campaign 5.0 Leadership Applications   
    NRP In-game username: 19th[Grd]_Sgt_Kieran
    Discord username: [19th] Kieran
    Steam: (Link to your profile) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020154928/
    Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command) Faction Leader
    Preferred faction: (Grand Empie/Confederacy) Empire
    Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons) I will state a few reason why im more then capable in leading but i will first point the main fact and that is im sick and tired of NRP player who think they can lead and get there armies killed. I will show not only that im better but hopefully teach them also. (e.g. telling officers to go places and putting them out of position and getting them killed). With my experience i know how use things effectively and anyone who doesn't listen i will blast and replace. I only have been apart of the campaigns abit so i know how it works and operates.  
    What makes you a good leader:  I am 2IC of the 19th regiment and we have survived a long time, while all these other regiments have failed and died. coincidence? i think not. I have worked hard with Pres to administrate the regiment and it has succeeded. I also lead in events so im familiar with the leadership role.
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Simon in Introduce Yourself!   
    I’m WaterPolo and I’m forever waiting for Bannerlord II
    I climb stuff for work which is more fun than anything
    too old for this shit but I’m here anyways because this game is hiliarous and fun.
    Join the holy Freikorps movement 

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    WaterPolo reacted to DE4D BE4R in I'm laughing at you right now :)   
    Felly. Yn olaf, mae'n ymddangos bod eich "gweinydd" truenus wedi colli ei ragoriaeth. Yn sicr, gallwch lusgo mewn 100 o chwaraewyr ar y penwythnosau o hyd, ond ai dyna i gyd? Gallaf feddwl am weinydd sy'n cael dros gant o chwaraewyr bob dydd

    Rydym i gyd wedi aros am hyn. yr holl gatrodau y gwnaethoch wrthod eu parchu, yr holl bobl weddus a anfonwyd gennych yn rhedeg gyda'ch rheolau pro-hiliaeth a pro-ffobig. Nid yw'ch holl ddywediadau bach am "araith rydd" yn gwneud llawer drosoch chi nawr, ydyn nhw? Rwy'n cofio hyd yn oed pan oedd y clownau hynny yn y 59fed yn gyfrifol, roedd pethau'n drafferthus, mae'n braf eu gweld yn dal i fod. Rydym yn chwerthin arnoch chi, wyddoch chi. pob un ohonom. Rydym yn chwerthin wrth i chi geisio mor galed i wneud eich gwaith cymunedol wedi methu. Rydym yn chwerthin gan nad ydych yn denu unrhyw chwaraewyr newydd, gan nad ydych chi'n gwneud unrhyw beth yn ddefnyddiol. rydym i gyd yn chwerthin arnoch chi, gan wybod, yn y dyfodol, pan fyddwch chi a'ch ymdrechion wedi anghofio am gyfnod hir y byddwn yn dal i barhau â'n cefnogwyr i gyd.

    Yn syml, fe wnaethon ni ddweud hynny wrthych. Sawl gwaith y cawsoch eich rhybuddio? Faint o weithiau y gwnaethom ddweud wrthych na allai gweinydd gweinyddedig sy'n gwrthod parchu catrodau (gan weld mai catrodau yw'r unig reswm bod gan unrhyw ryfeloedd napoleonig unrhyw chwaraewyr) oroesi? Beth oeddech chi'n meddwl fyddai'n mynd i ddigwydd.

    Rwy'n chwerthin arnoch chi ar hyn o bryd. Rydym i gyd yn. Mwynhewch eich diwrnodau olaf
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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Emil in NRP's Map Making Contest with a Cash Prize!   
    NRP Will be hosting a Map Making contest! You'll have until June 15th to submit your maps to us. We will have two categorizes which are Campaign Battle Maps, and Roleplay maps! We're offering a £25 Steam Voucher and Custom skins on the server as prizes! Submit your maps to us by contacting myself or one of the @Executive's. We need to add about 60 new maps to the server, and we need the communities help! We'd much rather add maps made by the community, than just adding public maps. Please, if you're interested and have any questions about this contest feel free to message me! The Winner and two runner ups will be picked on June 18th! We will try to add your maps to the server before the winner is picked to try them out! Thanks Gamers, and good luck! Have any friends who make maps? Make sure you spread the news about this map making contest if they want to win a steam gift card! Don't care about the contest and want your maps added anyways to the server? Contact one of us immediately to get them added!

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    WaterPolo got a reaction from Duke Florian in NEW NRP Scripts, finalized!   
  19. Sweat
    WaterPolo reacted to Arno in 59th Regiment of Foot   
    59th is BACK in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars! Join TODAY ! We still use the same website - 59th.eu 
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    WaterPolo reacted to Grandmaster Wootz in Favorite Historical Figures   
    Name(s): Johnson#7796, Diomedes
    Position/Job(s): Discord Ranker, head admin of NRP
    What did they do: Make insightful comments into the nature of NRP's Discord community,

    demote wilhelm
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    WaterPolo reacted to Scandypandy in NRP Campaign 3.0 Development Updates   
    Hello, everyone!
    I’m here to bring you a huge update for NRP Campaign 3.0, with a major feature reveal.

    As the first public server to bring a Multiplayer Campaign to Napoleonic Wars, we continually strive for ways to innovate and improve on our formula.
    While people have enjoyed following the Campaigns in the past as the factions duke it out over the map, we wanted to find a way to streamline the way the off-server aspects of the Campaign were handled.

    It is my pleasure to introduce the NRP Campaign Map!

    The Campaign Map is a live-map which shows you exactly what’s going on. With custom sprites specifically created by our Campaign Team, you will be able to track every army/battle/event or movement that happens throughout the campaign with ease.
    Gone are the days of awkwardly photoshopping a ready-made map to show new moves, this new map makes the post-battle paperwork a fraction of the work required previously.

    To give you a little insight, I’ll explain exactly what you’re seeing:

    Armies and Occupation
    Armies are represented by their custom animated sprites which have the name of the army underneath. Armies and their strength are listed in the side panel.
    Armies can be simply dragged and dropped around the map to represent their movement.

    As for occupation, it is now simply handled by flags-these can also be dragged and dropped! It will be much easier to co-ordinate and follow grand campaigns using this tool; the sprites and names could even be edited to represent NW Regiments if they become a big enough part of the Campaign!

    Battle History
    In the side panel to the left, all battles and their results will be recorded so you can keep an eye on how things are progressing.
    Any serious developments, news snippets or announcements will also be listed here.

    Railroads, Forts and Other Icons
    You’ll notice a lot of different icons such as forts, cities or railways. These represent in-game mechanics which we’re still perfecting through our simulated campaigns on testing weekends. These can also be added, moved or edited very easily and this functionality will be extremely useful for the future.

    Perhaps the most exciting thing about the introduction of this unique new feature is the possibilities for the future; by streamlining the most complicated part of the Campaigns, the possibility for other Campaigns/Events/Simulated Wars are endless and we plan to capitalise fully on this; expect much, much more from NRP!

    In the meantime, don’t forget that the Faction Leaders are going to be picked and announced tomorrow.
    If you want to have a chance to lead Prussia to her Ascendance or maintain control of Germany as the Austrian Emperor, be sure to apply here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
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    WaterPolo reacted to DE4D BE4R in Map ideas?   
    jeez I just left a fricking Discord, it's not the end of the world
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    WaterPolo reacted to orlov in NRP Campaign 3.0 Character Applications   
    NRP Username: orlov
    Discord Alias: orlov
    Character Name: orlov orlovsson
    Faction: Austria
    GUID: 1141661
    What kind of character do you consider: (Optional but helpful - What sort of character you want, what role you want to have, why you chose it, etc) Orlov is a russian mercenary who's really only in it for the money. He'd switch sides if the prussians paid him more. Furthermore, he's a brutal man in combat and campaign and shows no mercy to his enemies, as they're the only thing between him and his payment. 
    orlov is satisfied with any troop, as his skill is unmatched by almost all that face him. All he asks for is opportunity to kill, whether they be prussian or austrian is no issue to him.
  24. Angry
    WaterPolo reacted to gokibouri in NRP Campaign 3.0 Character Applications   
    NRP Username: Gokibouri
    Discord Alias: The green communist
    Character Name: Karl Engels
    Faction: Prussia
    GUID: 1336231
    What kind of character do you consider: Want to become a regular officer but didnt understood what role I should take so ://///
  25. Sweat
    WaterPolo reacted to 0leg0legsson in NRP Campaign 3.0 Character Applications   
    NRP Username: Cummander_0leg0legsson
    Discord Alias: Don't have one
    Character Name: Oleg Ayazovski
    Faction: (Prussia or Austria or maybe Both?) Prussia
    GUID: (The number displayed next to your name in the bottom left/chat when you join the NRP server) I'll add it later when I have the chance
    What kind of character do you consider: (Optional but helpful - What sort of character you want, what role you want to have, why you chose it, etc) Oleg is a russian with turkic ancestors born in Russian Empire. His family and himself was talented in riding horses, he learned riding a horse when he was 12. He got his first own horse when he was 10 but this horse was taken to battle by his older brother, and came back wounded. So he got his new own horse to ride when he was 15. He joined the military when he was 20. The horse he got was a Mongolian steppe horse which he rode into battle in the Crimean War when he was 22. He and his horse were injured during the war. Both of them survived but he didn't want to make his horses suffer in wars anymore so he decided to fight on food in the next upcoming war which was the January Uprising.  Then he heard of the Polish uprising in Siberia but, Siberia was too far away, especially without a horse. But he heard of the Austro-Prussian war which was very very close to where he was at the moment. So he decided to join the war on the Prussian side since they stood by the Russian Empire during the uprising whereas the Austrians didn't. So he joined a Prussian regiment group nearby.
    btw if discord is needed I'll just delete this post. And I have another problem which I pointed out in the introduce yourself post. When I join the server lobby just a random small set of servers pop up. And mostly NRP doesn't (this is the reason I couldn't give the GUID number) 
     So I might not be able to get in the server in the campaign day. 
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