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  1. it wasn't an accident or misunderstanding. I meant to slay you. "turned to my right" nope you literally turned and looked right at me. And i didn't goad you at all. I was pretty sure you would make a post about it anyway i just wanted to make sure. You also accused me of reviving myself in the middle of last campaign battle which didn't happen. What do you mean "False." you can check discord logs right now. Making stuff up to make you look better is pretty sad especially when you're HA of NA. Better to spend time actually reviving your server rather than typing all of this out of anger
  2. So let me start this of by saying i was behind enemy lines a few mins before all charge after our arty was destroyed, i ran in the opposite direction from our attackers in hopes of getting away. After around 20 seconds of running i was questioned in the admin chat by NA XA The Guy to why i was alone, i responded with "our arty died so i ran" (or something along those lines) After this i was even backed up by the acting HA of the server Skeepr. I also stated i was trying to find a friendly line to join which i was. around 20 seconds or so after that All charge was called, in which i saw Broke and Merkel running through a field. After catching up with them it was to the point where i was literally right behind them in pistol range. Broke turned around looked at me and messed with his weapons dropping cannister and a cannon lighter before taking out his sword turning around again and continuing to run. After seeing me at point blank range but still running in an all charge i slayed him and stated my reason in admin chat, after that i fought Merkel who did turn around. I have also asked Merkel to quickly tell the story from his point of view to clear things up along with asking Lexxe for video recording of the event in hopes he caught something. Broke claims he was trying to "regroup" with his team who were around a 2-3 minute run from him on the other side of the bridge while avoiding combat with me in an all charge. He also claims he didn't see me which is pretty much impossible unless his screen is that of a Nokia 5110 1992. He also says i had picked a side in the campaign which is mostly untrue, i have no CC role nor have i had a CC role for the past 3 months,i was also not in CC voice chat and had been on the CF side during the first event. I hope this clears things up for the time being until we hopefully get Lexxes video (which i think he recorded) or Merkels POV.
  3. Please give us Donators a discord chat on the NRP channel to talk about donatory things, and so we can talk without being troubled by the casual plebs <3
  4. Sneakypanda

    NRP Username: Sneakypanda Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095787129/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: 2IC/General ( Footguards ) Why you'd like to lead:  Playing as arty has started to get boring and I feel the leadership needs a step up from the last campaign. With my strategic mastermind an Austrian victory is ensured. I am also very educated on server rules and how things work <3.
  5. Sneakypanda

    Wonder who killed you >:)
  6. Sneakypanda

    defo the bestmin ever on NRP. Have fun in Thailand, maybe you will come back one day and finally beat me in a 1v1 >:D
  7. Name Sneakypanda Requested medal(s) Donator Vouches Reason(s) Gimme Gimme Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  8. Sneakypanda

    @SacrificialLambit was a joke but Earl is annoying as fuck and told me to go to the forums so I did
  9. Victim Sneakypanda GUID 816174 Suspect Earl_of_Warwick_the_pious Date 21/06/2018 Text Evidence slayed me for no reason. Visual Evidence
  10. Sneakypanda

    NRP Username: Sneakypanda Character Name: Pandi Faction: Grande République GUID: 816174 Why do you want a character: Sebi seduced me into it, also sounds kinda cool and I have been bored asf recently
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