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  1. Victim The whole Varnice faction Server EU NRP GUID 0 Suspect Waterpolo Date 26/04/2020 Text Evidence As a veteran of rigging campaigns myself, I recognize it when I see it but never before has it been so blatant as it was today. Friends and fellow players of NRP, today was one of the darkest days in our history, a faction leader. YES you heard me right, a FACTION LEADER, slayed the other factions cavalry general, for no other reason than to save his own skin, and prevent a god tier clutch. This so called "Senior Admin" whose name i believe is WaterSkiing or something like that? Please correct me in the comments below! for whatever reason decided that just because one of our players was "invisible" he deserved to be cut down in cold blood, now I tell you. Was he glitched? Was he killing the opposition team with an unfair advantage? Yes, yes he was, but what this WaterBoarding doesnt quite comprehend is that it is 2020, and the dark days of NW discrimination should be long gone, yet it appears they are not. Imagine the scene, WaterFootball slays a player for being black, or being a jew, the server would be shut down by the all mighty callum (may god bless his name) in no time. And i propose this question to you, is there really a difference between being a jew and being invisible? NO, NO there is not, the flagrant breaking of Admin conduct on display here, warrants nothing less than a permanent ban and a mute on discord for personal harassment of a minority. And dont you forget, this WaterCricket had a history of such incidents with reports claiming he spammed "Charge you [REDACTED]s" in admin chat, can this behavior really go unpunished? and if it does, what kind of precedence does this set for the server? Onto my other point, Creaniki DDoSers, is it just a coincidence that as soon as Broke goes MIA, the Taleworld (attaturk's soul be upon them) servers go down? NO, of course it is not, only fools believe in coincidences. This shows a clear strategy, Broke and WaterRugby are working together to bring down not just the 6th Campaign, but NRP as a whole and must be stopped before they cause untold damage. - yours sincerely chinese Visual Evidence
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    hello new forum post, im dad!
  3. Chinese_Propaganda

    NRP In-game username: chinese Discord username: chinese Steam: (Link to your profile) you have it Preferred role: (Faction leader/officer) Faction Leader Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki) Whichever one broke would get Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons) dont want broke to lead What makes you a good leader: (...) 5 CAMPAIGNS AND 1 WORLD CUP, ENGLAND ENGLAND
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    How sad are you lmao, fuck off and get a life
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    Best Canadian TA ever!
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    This is why we need capitalism. fuck the people
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    NRP Username: Chinese Discord Alias: Chinese Character Name: Franz Xaver von Chincus Faction: Austria GUID: 1523494 What kind of character do you consider: General. Chincus as a rough man, drilled in many martial arts yet a firm alcoholic who spent most of his nights drinking with his soldiers. This however was during times of peace, with news on the street proclaiming an up and coming war with the Prussians, Franz decided that this would be his last chance at glory. He soon whipped his regiment into shape and it was respected as teh best regiment in the Austrian army, he would lead it to victory and prosper.
  8. Chinese_Propaganda

    NRP Username: Chinese Steam: (link to your profile): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chinese_Propaganda/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: (Leader/Second in Command/General) (either) Why you'd like to lead: I have been involved with leadership in the past campaigns, in the first I was a general for the CC during the first two battles and leader of the CF in the second (although not for the whole thing I left it in good hands and didn't suddenly bail unlike another leader in that same campaign). I would like to continue this streak and help out with the management and on field leading of the Austrians.
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    Haven't I already done that twice
  10. Chinese_Propaganda

    The Confederation needs you! After various setbacks the Confederation is lacking in officers, ability doesn't matter you just need to be able to read discord! We currently need line infantry officers and a cavalry general, PM me on discord for more info!
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    NRP Username: ChinesePropaganda GUID: 1523494 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chinese_Propaganda/ Preferred Faction: The Confederation of Liberated Lands Preferred Role: Faction Leader, General or 2nd in Command Why you'd like to lead: After leading the CC cavalry in the first two events of the last campaign, a line at an RS event and then being the footguard officer in the ill-fated rebellion, I believe that I have a knowledge (someone limited I agree) of all fields of command, therefore, would be a good choice as a general for any tasks that the leader needs doing. As well as that Cecil Fawcett-Hackney has survived all of this, despite never winning a campaign battle, he is a battle-hardened veteran who would make a great addition to any army, he is loyal to the once mighty RS and would take a great pleasure forming a state to reclaim its once mighty empire. Despite his age, old Cecil is back in action. Edit: I have attended every campaign bar the last one, and I can't see that changing meaning that there would be no questions over my availability.
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    A proper RP is Chinese plays checkers
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