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  1. Bmert06

    sounds good
  2. Bmert06

    NRP Username mert06 GUİD 1292440 steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198230105904 preffered faction GR preffered role general why would you like to lead because of the fact that i lead troops good on the field as well as i lead cav and i want to support my faction as well as and i know my responsibilites well i can easyly make a fancy backstory for my character
  3. Bmert06

    NRP Username: Bmert06 Character Name: mert06 Faction: grande republic GUID: 1292440 Why do you want a character:i am playing this game for a long time at this server i have like 100 + hours i can suitas a officer very well (character backstory will be given after thiss aplication is accepted)
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