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  1. Wilhelm_II

    NRP In-game username: Caleb/Wilhelm Discord username: Caleb/Wilhelm Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/erdoganisgod/ Preferred role: Leader Preferred faction: Varnice but either would do. Why you'd like to lead: As a leader I would want to make sure that my faction, as well as everyone playing on the server enjoys their time playing on the NRP server and I would like to do my part to ensure the community stays active and alive in the wait for Bannerlord community servers. I'd like to lead because being active in the community and especially the voice chat during campaign hours is incredibly entertaining and I want to continue being part of that collective as a leader of a faction. What makes you a good leader: I have participated in every iteration of the NRP campaign, I have also been officer or temporary leader at least once in every campaign. Having played on the server for a long time I have an in depth understanding of the rules and what is expected of a campaign battle and I would do my best to ensure that these requirements are met. I am also in the NRP staff team so would find it easier to ensure my team is obeying the rules of the server, such as slaying rambos or swapping those to spectators who take officer slots without a reservation. I can communicate well using voice chat ensuring that my faction's cohesion is paramount and I would look to get everyone taking part more involved so they can get more immersed into the campaign experience so hopefully in the next campaign, they put themselves forward for an officer or leader role and the cycle of participation continues. Most importantly, I haven't read "The Art of War ".
  2. Wilhelm_II

    That's a very roundabout way of saying NRP ded.
  3. Post the most valiant acts of your comrades with screenshots and a short description here! Or maybe post the most epic fails too, just legendary moment in the campaign in general.
  4. Wilhelm_II

    Coming with the new campaign we are introducing a new ruleset, these rules will be used throughout the campaign battles in 3.0, faction leaders and generals should make sure to be well acquainted with these rules to make sure there are no misunderstandings during the battles. Battles Battles take place over 2 Maps of 3 Rounds each. After 3 Rounds on the first map, the map is swapped to the second. In the case of a 3-3 score, a decider round will be held on a third map, different to the first 2. The first Army to Win 4 Rounds in a battle is the victor. The All Charge order will be given when a gridlock has taken place and neither side is attacking. Health Points -Each Army has 15 Health Points (HP) -Losing a round in a Battle subtracts 1 HP from the Army For example; In a Battle where Austria win 4 rounds and Prussia win 2 rounds; Prussia lost 4 rounds in total, and loses 4HP Austria lost 2 rounds total, and loses 2HP Assuming both armies started with 15 If an army does not lose a single round in a Battle, it does not lose any HP. The number of HP an army has does not affect the damage inflicted in battle. An army which loses all of its HP is destroyed and cannot be respawned. Army Movement -An army can move over 2 Tiles in Friendly Territory, 3 on a friendly Railroad, 1 in Hostile Territory. -An army that controls the entirety of an enemy railroad can use it as a friendly railroad unless: -It has already passed over Hostile Tile, in which case it cannot return to a friendly tile. Example: Army -> Friendly Tile -> Friendly Tile -> Hostile Tile -X Army -> Friendly Tile -> Hostile Tile –X If friendly tiles contain a Railroad and are not controlled by Hostiles then an Army can move 3 Tiles. If an army enters an un-occupied Hostile Tile then that tile is conquered. If an army enters an occupied Hostile Tile then it must win a Battle to conquer it. Only One Army can be present in a single tile. Tiles Some tiles have special affects if a battle is fought on them: -Hills: No cavalry -Mountains: No cavalry, attackers don’t have any artillery -All other terrain types have no special factors. -Forts: No cavalry for attackers/defenders Win/Lose Conditions A Faction automatically loses if: -All 3 of its Armies are destroyed -90% of its territory is occupied Likewise, a Faction can win if: -All enemy armies are destroyed -It occupies 90% of the enemy’s territory See you on the battlefield
  5. 1. Admin team is rigging the campaign. 2. Jailbreak opinions don't matter. 3. 65th bad lmao. 4. Greece bad lmao. 5. fug prasedonti.
  6. Reset was to fix CC officers, this should have been clarified in internal chat to other admins and to other players via purple admin chat, the reset itself was somewhat valid but definitely should have been clarified more. I agree that the all charge message on the 2nd map was a bit eh, but it true the 65th chose to sally out knowing that they didn't need to for another 6 minutes, while i agree that to a certain extent the side with far fewer members shouldn't really be forced into an all charge the confederation did attack before the all charge was officially given. On your point about having a fixed all charge time, I am afraid i must disagree, a round on NRP can last anywhere from 2-30 minutes purely based on circumstance, and to force an all charge even when the round conditions presented are incredibly unfavourable to such a decision wouldn't be in the best interests of the round imo. Just to conclude, I agree that the reason for the reset should have been clarified, and that there wasn't really a need to post something regarding an all charge 6 minutes before the all charge was actually planned to be issued, but once again the 65th and the rest of the confederation soldiers did choose to sally out of their fort before the all charge was enforced, and I also disagree that there should be a fixed all charge time as it reduces the available round options and outcomes.
  7. Wilhelm_II

    Please bring :pepetard: back x
  8. Wilhelm_II

    The "automatic RP setup" could be as simple as displaying the rules in admin chat automatically, but I agree that it is basically all admins do and who is going to follow the rules just because a bot posted them when there is no admin on.
  9. Wilhelm_II

    that would honestly be a good improvement, maybe not to remove them entirely as they have their usefulness, but just to reduce the effect.
  10. Wilhelm_II

    Reupload of Diomedes' previous topic for re-evaluation. Still unbalanced, overpowered annoyances as they were when they were first implemented. Only a handful of players would complain about their removal (those who always take footguard to use nades to increase their kills). Even adding a fuse did not balance them as sometimes you cant see where they land. I am sure they didn't work as mobile artillery historically like in game.
  11. Wilhelm_II

    NRP Username: Kaiser Wilhelm II GUID: 1519153 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/erdoganisgod/ Preferred Faction: The Confederation of Liberated Lands Preferred Role: General or 2nd in Command Why you'd like to lead: I am a seasoned veteran of the campaign and have been an officer for the Crown Colonies through the bad times and the eventual singular victory at the end, I want the campaign to do as great as it possibly can and want to help in any way I can to make that a possibility, I think the new faction is very interesting and will be very unique in contrast to the bore ragnarok GR and CC, I wish to join this new faction as a general to make sure it does well and to remain in a position where I can look down on peasant rankers.
  12. Wilhelm_II

    Ima keep it real with you chief, that is an awful idea.
  13. Wilhelm_II

    When Gio swears he will be the next head admin
  14. Wilhelm_II

    When goki cries about companies making profit
  15. Wilhelm_II

    Who would win in a fight? Phineas and Ferb vs Grande Republique Discuss. Edit: Build Points are set to unlimited for both teams.
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