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    Playername: [7thRoF]Lt_Dolan Faction: British Officerslot: Footguard Officer Motivation:I would like to be a officer because i want inspire people with my wise words and wisdom and help teach them what i know of strategy. Alos it's pretty fun playing as officer in NRP battle Rp.
  2. [1PWRR] Camjovetz

    I don't have the full round only that part. :3 Soz
  3. [1PWRR] Camjovetz

    I do't see how i was trolling. If you check the video at that point no one was controlling the ship. so i thought o h i might as well go ahead and drive us to safety. Yeas before i was quite annoying when attempting to control the ship but there are no rules stated on whether the admin controls the ship.
  4. NRP Username: [7thRoF]Lt_Dolan GUID: 1512765 Are you reporting a player or an admin: Admin Who are you reporting: Admin Minisiege Reason: Starts to team-hit me randomly without reason when i go to control the ship. No rules stated whether an admin is controlling the ship or the player. Video proof attached. (In team speak with one of my men do apologise of he is annoying) 2018-03-18_22-02-48.flv
  5. [1PWRR] Camjovetz

    Finally got round to updating it
  6. Looking for a fun, organised and friendly regiment? Join the 7th Royal Fusiliers today! We have 3 active events per week! Add Dolan Or send in an application click the image below!
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