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  1. So i have an idea... why doesn't everyone post their favorite song(s) in here. So we can all broaden our collection of good music. Here are 2 of my many favorite songs:
  2. pls not this clown again. just ignore him. smyltnes more like saltynes.
  3. guys first round i didnt get my officer. So some random reg pub took it... split off from the group... went through the lake... with all his men... together with me and sneaky ... then potato shot me it was actually funnier o watch him than i thought.
  4. Predator

    no pepe no pred reeeeee
  5. Predator

    you wot if you wanna play for a losing faction u should join GR or CC
  6. Predator

    No the Confedartion is its own faction.
  7. Predator

    You are looking for glory and adventures? then aye - the confedartion is your faction. Join the Confederation You're either with us or you're against us
  8. Predator

    NRP Username: Predator GUID: 413449 Preferred Faction: The Confederation of Liberated Lands Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: Jack "Predator" Morgan is the son of the feared Grande Republique Officer "Captain Morgan" - though their ways happend to be different ones Predator has never sided against his Father during the war between the 3 rivalin Factions. During this war Predator fought along side the russian revolution - in which he became a high ranking officer - unfortunately after the fall of the revolution he had to vanished for several years to come, as he feared the punishment from Lidor Niroc. His Father died in peace 2 years after the war but before his death he gave his son a receipt for a Rum which he wanted to call "Captain Morgan" - Predator decided that he would produce this Rum after the war. After the rumors that said Lidor Niroc has now joined the Grande Republique were confirmed , he made the decision to pick up his now somewhat dusty officer sword and Fight as an Officer against the oppression that has been part of this Island for years.
  9. Predator

    He was the traitor all along
  10. Predator

    JB not complete gay when?
  11. Predator

    woah stretch that to 200 pages and you would have a reader of your book. Very good storytelling really loved to read that! @Bullet Magnet
  12. Predator

    Adolf just in case: these quotes arent real quotes i faked them
  13. Predator

    Hmm its really hard to say lets see what the rest thinks... But without all memes i'd go with SacrificalLamb or Gay_ningaja
  14. Predator

    wait who are you again?
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