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  1. Duke Florian

    In my great wisdom I put in this application so nobody has to ping staff at a later date to put me in the high command channel. Discord Username: Florian, Borussius Maximus Steam: (Link to your profile) what the fuck do you need this for? you tracking me bro? you spying on me? skeepr is selling my info steam info to the chinese government? when has the steam profile of anyone ever been used in a campaign? smacks of chinese espionage to me. Preferred role: General Preferred faction: Breytona, that Mars himself vows shall be victorious Why you'd like to lead: Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon have sent myself, their only living equal, to ensure Chinese's victory by commanding his cavalry. It is not that I would "like" to lead. It is my swadharma, and if I did not carry out my swadharma, then Shiva would shatter the universe asunder into an incomprehensible number of pieces in anger. What makes you a good leader: -I am potentially the greatest leader of men since Napoleon perished -I am the greatest tactician to ever live -I won more battles against the Tax Collector than he won against me, and I 4-0d him but he never 4-0d me. Nobody can say that they beat Tax over a sustained period of time except me. Scientists theorise that the blood that runs in my veins is from the great god Mars. -After just 1 round of me commanding cav in the previous campaign (and securing victory with my cavalry through superior tactics in that round), the previous cav commander resigned and in my DMs said he knew I was a better cav commander than he. If you want to see the screenshots of the conversation because you don't believe any man could be as great as I claim to be, DM me. Though the NRP establishment will not tell you this, I am simply the greatest campaign commander and officer to have ever lived, and my feats press firmly on the ceiling of what is possible for a single mere mortal.
  2. Duke Florian

    As the greatest campaign commander to have ever lived (for I have vanquished the Tax Collector as a commander and whipped Warclever as cav general, feats rarely, if ever, replicated by others), I hereby unanimously proclaim Chinese to be King of Breytona Mars Gradivus has awoken from his Elysian slumber that commenced when Austria struck the final blow against Prussia in the third campaign, and has declared that victory is the inherent right of every son of Breytona under Chinese. Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, these three names in which matchless glory shall inhabit forever, have sent their emissary and sole worldly equal: Florian, to command the cavalry of the great King Chinese, to ensure that the will of Mars, that will being the destruction of all enemies of Chinese and Breytona, shall be carried out. Chungus Vult
  3. Duke Florian

    Long life to all those glorious ones named here
  4. Duke Florian

    NRP Username: Florian von Kapfenberg Discord Alias: Florian von Kapfenberg Character Name: Florian von Kapfenberg Faction: The Most Serene Empire of the Truly Invincible Mountain Nation and its Impossibly Humble Dominions and Colonies (aka Austria) GUID: 1596350 What kind of character do you consider: Florian was born a nobleman of aristocratic pedigree in the mountains of Styria. From an early age, he was skilled in the art of horsemanship, able to exert control over any type of horse - stallions, mustangs, chargers -- even Khergit women and Daisy Ridley. As such, he was commissioned as an officer in the Austrian army by the age of 12 (a move which attracted attention from international human rights groups campaigning against the use of child soldiers). By the age of 16, he was a highly renowned officer of horse, and it is rumoured that he made love to a different woman after each of his meals. Given his experience with handling a very long pole, he opted to become a lancer. During a peasant revolution in a T*rk-populated area of the empire, he used his lance as a skewer, turning Kebabs into literal shish kebabs. By the time this campaign rolls around, Florian was firmly established in the annals of Austrian martial history as a dashingly handsome and frighteningly effective cavalry officer and lancer, even with ambitions to use his popularity to gain control of the Empire's throne. However given that the outcome of such a coup attempt is unclear at this time, it should for now be recorded that Florian is merely a heroic horseman and master of the lance. Whilst the official story is that Florian lost his eye in battle, he maintains this is untrue, as that would imply his martial skills lack. However, amongst the ladies of the realm, there are rumours that his eye was lost due to an incident involving Florian's own renownedly-huge "seminal lance"
  5. Duke Florian

    disclaimer: i won't be able to attend all battles. my plan is to work very closely with the 2iC and generals so that the faction is run as effectively as possible. i plan to do 99.9% of the administrative work that's needed and whatever else is needed behind the scenes, but i can't guarantee i can show up to every battle on time NRP Username: Florian Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Preferred Faction: Austria Preferred Role: Leader Why you'd like to lead: 1| I did a good job of organising GR before I had to leave, getting back 99% of former members even after they had previously decided to leave. If nothing else, my abilities to organise and ready the faction will be very valuable both inside and outside of battles. Even if I didn't get to lead the faction in a battle, I'm sure many former GR members will testify to how we set the faction and and planned very efficiently. Now I'd like to translate that efficiency outside battles into an efficiency that will help us win battles. 2| I have the special ability to instill discipline in the men via team chat and whenever I've been leading lines against pubs I've generally had success. On top of that I have a good grasp of tactics and how to lead a line in such a way that you can minimise casualties before you've entered the fight, which is quite necessary for maximum engagement for pubs during long campaign events because it ensures the poor sods get to actually fight. 3| I think we ought to give new people the chance to lead where possible, instead of having the same old officers every time.
  6. Duke Florian

    Look here Son, I'm quite unsure that you have any deeply intellectual understanding of the Napoleonic Wars. The enlightened amongst us realise that the Prussians, with their superior intelligence, discipline and military might, crushed the French like the maggots they were.
  7. Duke Florian

    so to sum up, you're saying to me that benis is the physical embodiment of the Form of the Good? plato was right plato 1:0 aristotlecucks
  8. Duke Florian

    help me obi-kenway, you're my only hope
  9. Duke Florian

    i think @Generalissimus Kenway should join us on this thread and give us an indepth explanation
  10. Duke Florian

    it requires a great deal of meditation to gain a personal understanding of this the ancient masters say you just have to type :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD until you understand it also rep 4 rep for god's sake
  11. Duke Florian

    How sharp should the blade of a guillotine be? How many necks can it cut through before it should be sharpened again? Asking for a friend
  12. Duke Florian

    NRP Username: Prince Florian GUID: 1596350 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/selh88/ Preferred Faction: LA GRANDE REPUBLIQUE! Preferred Role: (General/Leader/Second in Command/multiple): Leader (if I don't get it don't give me a lesser role) Why you'd like to lead: When it was announced that the previous leader of the Grande Republique had died of a rare disease called "being Turkish", I hurried to the Tuileries Palace to give counsel to the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. However, from the moment I stepped into my carriage to the minute I stepped out, I was swarmed by hundreds of thousands of Parisians all begging that I apply for the role. However, I am a humble man, and recognise the people have no worthy opinions. It was only when I spoke to Emperor Napoleon himself and he suggested that I take charge of the entire French Empire that I had to assert myself. "Non, mon Empereur, I could not succeed you" I said to him, but it was not enough. He gave me an ultimatum: become the leader of the Grande Republique or succeed him as Emperor of France. Naturally I chose the former: it is obvious that the Grande Republique is on the decline and will probably never win another battle. If I took leadership of it then after its collapse, I would get a nice pension from the Army but I'd also get to live out my days in exile on a tropical island paid for in full by the government of the Confederation or CC, whoever it is that captured me. On a real note, GR has a severe lack of leadership applications. I'm not a totally incompetent leader and I certainly had a lot to say after GR got beaten in our final battle. I think it's the right thing to do to honour Goki's sacrifice and put my money where my mouth is and see where I can take GR in the absence of an actually good leader like Warclever or Tax. A big plus for me is that I have a mic. And also, when GR do inevitably lose, I can be excused because of my Austrian ethnicity. When was the last time Austria won a war? Also, I was one of the OGs of the original GR and I'm frankly not quite ready to see it die if there's anything I can do to help it (despite my posturing about how I was going to merc for whichever faction was winning).
  13. mine was when i hit the escape key then clicked on "quit" long live minisiege
  14. Duke Florian

    hi, head of head admins here. Whilst it's a shame that my 2nd favourite server died and i am left only with BBG, Minisiege and NRP, i hope to see this forum flourish also rep 4 rep
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