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  1. Greybeard

    All of the above apply to our enemies. Hail the CC.
  2. Greybeard

    It's sad that you already have to go back, but most of us knew this day would be coming at some point. I wish you the best back in your homeland and thank you for the meritocracy you've put into place in your short but very productive time as HA. You've always been a pleasure to have, both on the server and in the discord. Good luck in your future and thanks for your good work.
  3. Greybeard

    Dear Erbfeind. Want a repeat of 1871 or 1940? Just say the word. Never went well for France when they had to face a united Germany. There is a joke going on at Volkswagen, that it takes a week to change production from cars to tanks. But only because it takes a week to order the paint. Just kidding of course. The reality is (even if we may not like it), that Franco-German relations have never been closer in history, despite old die-hards thinking otherwise. There is even a military unit comprised of soldiers from both countries, called the "Franco-German Brigade" which is part of the "Eurocorps". Police units from both countries also closely collaborate and both the police and the military even do maneuvers together. Add to that a lot of cultural and economic ties and you'll see that a war between France and Germany is an impossibility in the near future. Thanks to the Schengen agreement there also has never been more freedom for the inhabitants of our countries as well as the rest of the core EU. You can live wherever you want and don't even need to apply for citizenship anymore. I call that progress. Though I would agree that parts of the EU are undemocratic (like the commission) and should be reformed. Them Brits will get whats coming for them when the Brexit is finally done. According to the studies I've read on the topic it were mostly old fucks who voted for Brexit. So just like in politics in every country, old fucks who yearn for the "good old days" get to destroy the future of their children. They will probably come begging for scraps, when they realize that their access to the common market of the EU was the only thing keeping Britain afloat, ever since they moved their entire industry to China. Major companies from India for example already stated that they will have to renegotiate contracts inside the EU and can no longer use Britain as an intermediary for trade and that's just one example. The old myth that Britain was paying for everything is just that. A myth. Britain gained much more economic benefits from being inside the EU than not and in total it was a net gain for the British economy. They will essentially be relegated to a similar position in Europe as Norway is. That means being affected economically by European legislation, but unable to influence it politically. Brexit negotiations are still ongoing and honestly the only one standing to loose there is Britain. There is no cherry picking for them, they either accept terms that are agreeable to the EU or they face a hard Brexit, which WILL hurt Britain economically. Good riddance I say. That's what you get for promoting nationalistic drivel in political discourses and blaming all the faults (that are essentially their own) on the EU. It's probably the biggest joke ever, how a once world spanning empire basically dismantled itself through greed and stupidity, while their "historical enemies" grew ever closer. GG
  4. Greybeard

    @Alpha Nice French surrender meme that one. My personal favorite battles of history: 1. Battle of Lechfeld in 955 Otto the Great and his vassals defeat an army of Magyars (Hungarians) at least twice their own size. Ending the Magyar incursions into Western Europe and confining them to the Balkans. His men raised him as Emperor because of this victory and it later enabled him to be crowned as first non-Carolingian Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope. 2. Battle of Rossbach in 1757 Part of the Seven Years' War. Friedrich II. of Prussia also known as Frederick the Great, defeats two armies of France and Austria. The Prussians only suffered around 700 casualties, while France and Austria lost around 10.000 men. Frederick would later say: I won the battle of Rossbach with most of my infantry having their muskets shouldered. That dude was such a fucking badass, that even Napoleon said of him when he visited his grave: Gentlemen, if this man would be still be alive. I wouldn't be here. Exactly one month later Frederick pulled another stunt like this at the 3. Battle of Leuthen in 1757 Here his 33.000 Prussian men faced 66.000 Austrians. Using the oblique order he crushed the Austrians again. Suffering 6.344 casualties the Prussians inflicted around 22.000 casualties on the Austrians. 4. Siege of Vienna and subsequent Battle in 1683 Probably one of the most epic battles in history. This was the last incursion of the Ottomans into Europe. Around 16.000 defenders faced off against the whole Ottoman Army, that numbered over 140.000 men (170.000 when they set out according to Ottoman documents). The siege featured one of the first occasions of trench warfare, as well as both sides digging tunnels. The Ottomans dug them to blow up the walls from below, while the Austrians dug tunnels to prevent them. Eventually the Polish ruler Jan III. Sobieski stayed true to his anti-Ottoman alliance with Austria and led a relief force of Germans from all the HRE as well as his famous formation of Polish Winged Hussars against the Ottomans. 5. The Great Sleigh drive of 1678 The Swedes tried to conquer Prussia during Winter, thinking they'd be safe. They weren't. The Great Elector of Brandenburg requisitioned thousands of sleighs and drove his army across the frozen Baltic and then hunted the Swedes out of Prussia. Of the over 10.000 Swedish soldiers barely 1.500 made it back to Swedish soil.
  5. Greybeard

    Look. I already said it's a controversial topic, especially among you Turks. It began in WW1 under the Ottomans and most happened there, but to a certain degree it continued unter the Republic of Turkey during the Turkish-Armenian War, which was part of the Turkish War of Independence. I mean it was a chaotic time, with the Allies and Greeks invading and one might attribute the large number of civilian deaths to that fact, but still it's generally accepted outside Turkey, that the Armenian Genocide was also part of the early days of the Republic of Turkey.
  6. Greybeard

    The person responsible for the change was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his ideology known as Kemalism. It's a sort of controversial topic, since the "Turkish War of Independence" also resulted in a population exchange between Turkey and Greece, as well as Armenian Genocide.
  7. Greybeard

    NRP Username: Greybeard Character Name: Captain Hieronymus Greybeard Faction: Crown Colonies GUID: 1360351 Why do you want a character: I'm a simple man. If I get to be the piper, I'm happy. Update (6 months later): Since I conceded the bagpipes to a "true Scotsman" and decided to take over an Officer position, I'll be leading the Crown Colonies' Naval troops. Including the Marines, Sailors and Sailor artillerists as a rapid response force, to either guard vital positions or to achieve breakthroughs in conjunction with the grenade equipped Foot Guard.
  8. Greybeard

    You guys should know our tryharders. They don't need another tool for ramboing and us admins don't really need another thing to keep track of. Despite the fact, that I love to play as Footguard Musician, I would support removing the nades from them.
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