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  1. Alostan

    Cheese is magnificent.
  2. Alostan

    I'm ALOOSH. I've joined the server in 2016, I think. I've been on it ever since. I usually play as a ranker and enjoy running away when I see my regiment getting massacred. My cowardice has not been detected so far yet, which is nice. I also like cheese.
  3. Alostan

    The Jailbreak refugees got me
  4. Alostan

    I dunno...
  5. Alostan

    There was this one roleplay which I enjoyed setting up for the players, where we would play as 2 different nations with kings, Lords, Architects, Soldiers and so on. The King would have the power to declare a war and provides roles to his people. It was basically Age of Empires. So I called it AgeofEmpires RP or KingdomRP. I think its a good idea.
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