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  1. Yesterday
  2. Patol

    Denied in NARC.
  3. Chef Boyardee

    Accepted. Welcome to the Jailbreak team. Would be nice if you join tonight's JB event at 7 pm CEST. Also it is required to read this https://calradia.eu/topic/823-admin-guide-thread/ Will also be good to read this https://calradia.eu/topic/822-admin-guide-to-using-server-mod/ Also join our discord: https://calradia.eu/forum/66-discord/
  4. Chef Boyardee

    Accepted. Welcome to the team. Would be nice if you join tonight's JB event at 7 pm CEST. Also it is required to read this https://calradia.eu/topic/823-admin-guide-thread/ Will also be good to read this https://calradia.eu/topic/822-admin-guide-to-using-server-mod/
  5. Last week
  6. Patol

    I have check it. It was one hour ban so you can rejoin server already
  7. Jurek

    I am pretty sure that it was just a temporary ban, you should be able to join the server now.
  8. king scrump

    you got perm bc u picked inf????
  9. Name SIR_WEAK GUID 1840192 Date 22.05.2020 Server NARC Reason(s) infantry didn't listen to orders to stop firing, also missclick in choosing inf , i thought that bayonets will be more effective, sorry
  10. Name 14thT_Col_king_scrump or The_Scrumper_Fister or Rollo Af Sea Steam king scrump it has water and land in the pic Server NARC GUID 199804 Previous Experience I do some admining on IRP and the owner of 14thT Vouches AAAAA.14thT tiny, duck, Fred Reason(s) I would like to join to team because there are not a lot of admins and people just waiting for a admin to come and i would make fishing rp and other rps better and to make all of the rp player to have there best experience playing NARC to make sure ever one follows the rp rules and i have a lot of free time so they don't have to wait. I had a lot of fun on NARC and a lot of people agree with me. but there are just the same rp over again so would help make new rps so people would not get board of the same rp and make there experience better and but a simile on there faces. adminship is not just to admin its to get to know people and the roleplay
  11. Patol

    I removed "warned" tag from you. Be more reasonable next time
  12. Name king scrump GUID 976566453 Date idk Server Discord Reason(s) advertisement, i should be unban bc i am a nice guy bc i do alot of things to help others.
  13. Name Gentleman aka Connor Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007284308/edit Server JB GUID 1875206 Previous Experience If it's just over RP and I would say that Jailbreak is some sort of RP in some way, I am admin on javerts roleplay on discord roleplay. That isn't directly the same like on napoleonic wars. But Maybe it shows admin qualities as also RP qualities. Vouches Jurek said he would vouch for me. I also asked scurvy dog, he said not directly that he would vouch for me. But he may confirm that I am a nice guy Reason(s) I have much experience with several sort's of roleplay and also had enough time to watch how admins work.. I also passed a Long time on jailbreak. I would like to join the team to host jailbreak rounds obviously and to be a good admin. Ill try to give as less punishments as necessary but if there are toxic People who missbehave all the time I also would enforce the fun of the others by enforcing the punishment of this Person. In General I am an absolute fan of roleplaying and jailbreak. Thanks for considering this submission and may ze force be with you.
  14. Rou22eau

    Okay , Thanks for the reasoning
  15. Patol

    You were considered a troublemaking player who very often: RDMs and break other rules, spams and behaves toxic. PipoTheBibo had permission to ban you for any next slip over, then you told someone to press alt + f4 for respawn. You will be unbanned in this week since it's your first permament ban (previous appeal concerned temporary ban). If you will behave better you will stay in this community
  16. Rou22eau

    Mistake: My GUID is 2106501
  17. Patol

    I agree with Pipo. This is not warranted complaint and you are trying (vainly) to turn the tables.
  18. PipoTheBibo

    In my defence this is not the first time you are "accidently stabbing" someone, in total you got banned and warned around five to six times for exactly the same reason. I also had permission from Patol himself to permanently ban you. Personally I suggest you stop playing the victim and just go on with it.
  19. Victim me, Adirgator Server NARC GUID 0 Suspect PipoTheBibo Date 19.5.2020 17:50 Text Evidence I accidentally RDMed and admitted it, it was because I somehow thought that jack was poopy. I suicided after I realised I killed the wrong person and asked the player I killed for forgiveness, he did. Pipo then banned me even though I explained it was an accident and even though I apologized for it. It is the second time now Visual Evidence
  20. Name Rousseau GUID 0 Date 19-05-2020 Server NARC Reason(s) I dont know why I got a ban, an admin just adviced me to request an unban on the forums and a second after i see, "PipoTheBibo permbanned Rousseau." I truely dont know why. But if an admin were to tell me the reason I can assure you that I will see the reasoning behind my ban and change my point of behaviour. I play on the server (NARC) almost everyday so I wouldn´t like to not play on it and I also have friends playing on the server. Therefore I will change my behaveiour when I get a reasoning. P.S: Nothing personal against PipoTheBibo from my side!
  21. Name Formly Aleksandr_Vsevolod and now currently AleksVs Steam No Steam. Server NARC GUID 275004 Previous Experience None on M&B, I was however an admin on an ARMA III Altis Life server (it's a roleplaying gamemode on ARMA III in you incase you were unaware) once a long, long time ago. Vouches Zero. Reason(s) I like many of the administrators on the server and would like to help them out with all of the troublemakers, and the fact that I just like to keep things nice and orderly. I believe that I'm more than capable enough when it comes to hosting roleplay scenarios and properly enforcing the rules. I have more of a flexible schedule due to my line of work and hours so I may be able to fill in a little more when the other administrators are absent. Also I do not have any problems with the current management style of the server, it seems to be functional enough as it stands. And finally, when it comes to personal roleplaying experiences, I may take things too far (sometimes) but I always try to roleplay properly. I have been banned before but never permanently due to either misunderstandings (on my part, usually) and/or taking things too far.
  22. MansForgotPassword

    Deserter Turned Leader

  23. Earlier
  24. Name TinyTim2914 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/TinyTim2914 Server EU NRP GUID 2112279 Previous Experience I have been an admin in many games. As stated before in my other applications. I.e AZW communities, I was a BBG admin and also a Minisiege admin at one point. Vouches I don't have any vouches. This is because I don't get a lot of admin jobs for this exact reason, as they need vouches and when I started out I never got told how good or bad I was as the group shut down in a few days. When I applied on the discord though I kept getting told I had no vouches which I don't. However, some of the NRP admins may vouch for me when I show my strengths as I am now Campaign Staff. Reason(s) I would like to join the team because being an admin is fun, when I have been an admin in groups it was always fun. it is also interesting knowing all the fun scenarios that could happen and also the RPs you could host which are always fun. I also play the game a lot and it is very fun.
  25. Name NotNewPlayer Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961672658/ Server NARC JB GUID 932003 Previous Experience I have 569 hours of experience in the game and my administration experience comes mainly from Minecraft servers. I don't have any administration experience in Mount & Blade yet, but I know from other games (mainly Minecraft) and from logical considerations how to manage servers and how to deal with players. I also have some role playing experience from FiveM (German whitelist GTA role playing server). I have often looked at the admin work on both servers Vouches I can send the servers (minecraft and fivem) on request but they are German servers Reason(s) NARC: I would like to enrich the NARC server with my Roleplay knowledge and organize various roleplays like town roleplay with the players. I can also organize and administer other mini-games like hide and seek or murder mystery Jailbreak: in addition to the town roleplay I like the prison roleplay very much as it takes place on the 19th jailbreak I have played on the server several times and therefore I also know the server well and I also have some admin work for the server I took a closer look (the chat messages and the admins' requests) so I think that as an admin I am well suited for 19th jailbreak and NARC.
  26. Chinese_Propaganda

    Novalpro is an experienced admin who attends most campaign battles, having him back on the staff would be a great addition! /Vouch
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